Pearl creates “Blackface” and Mayhem Miller exploits against her. RuPaul’s Drag Race

Pearl found herself in the crossfire again when she published some photos on Instagram in which she made “blackface”.

Events have taken a new turn shook the world of tv and there pop cultureby the participants of the prestigious reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race are at the center of the controversy. drag queen Pearlknown for his involvement in seventh season from the program, it’s done subject of criticism and accusation In “black face” After publishing a photo on a social network noticeably darker makeup,

practice of “black face” which includes painting black face trying to represent negative racial stereotypeshas historically been condemned Be insensitive and perpetuate harmful stigmas, publication of Pearl quickly negative gender reactions Onlineespecially because of the sensitivity around caste question in society current,

Pearl Haciendo “Blackface”.

This was Mayhem Miller’s answer.

one of the critical comments another drag queen’s province Famous, mayhem millerwho expressed their disapproval before perl action, Talks between the two artists progressed fuel for controversybroaden the discussion Inside drag community And among the followers of the program.

«I don’t need to say this because apparently many people here are not “sourdos” (an expression to refer to people they know) in terms of skin color and it has been expressed out loud that this not right. You know very well how it works and how it will be perceived. Blackface is unacceptable”, Mayhem wrote.

before this rising controversy, Pearl removed the publication in question and issued an apology via its social networks. in your message, Pearl I explained that you intended It was not intended to offend or perpetuate racial stereotypesBell who was playing a character inspired by the Bronze Age iconic artist As Britney Spears in the decade of 2000,

“The personality that was published this morning was destined to look like none other than me. It’s an Ojiblu platinum ruby ​​and should have had a 2000s Britney-esque tan. I removed the post so that I don’t offend people”, was Pearl’s message in her Instagram stories.

This incident has resurfaced debate on the importance of education and there Cultural Awareness in the Drag Community or In society in general. Furthermore, it highlights the need for greater sensitivity ethnic representation or cultural In the means of communication and entertainment.

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