Overwatch 2: Invasion – (UNBREAKABLE) The player does not die, he is respawned

This season, Overwatch 2 returns completely remastered, with plenty of elements to explore. Finally, fans will get the expected story missions, but there will also be new events, the introduction of a new hero, and a battle pass to complement this news. We had early access to Overwatch 2: Invasion and we can tell you everything in this note!

To start, Blizzard implemented new system in which we can show off our favorite heroes, through Mark of distinction. In short, the more we play with the character, the faster we advance in his “sub-flagship” and, at the same time, we open new awards with each level up.

Overwatch 2: Invasion

After years of waiting, and despite being disappointed by the lack of a proper campaign, the long-awaited story missions. We’ve always been craving a little”canon of knowledge” inside the game that it was something else fleshy than seasonal events (such as Halloween, Uprising, Retribution, and others). So we finally get our first look at The Invasion.

Overwatch 2: Invasion

In short, in this mode, we sit in front of the computer, taking Winston’s point of view. In this interface we find the available missions, which are points of conflict Where Zero sector fights (Null Sector is an omniscient extremist group seeking revenge for past abuses). By choosing one of these missions, we can enjoy excellent kinematics which immerse us in the narrative, revealing the story, the goals of the characters in this location and their tasks.

Of course, PvE (player versus environment) gameplay is something that Overwatch has already taught us in its previous activities. As we move through different maps we encounter waves of enemies with some additions, such as having to destroy the energy cores in order to gain access to the next area. However, a noteworthy aspect is the presence final bosses in missions. These are not just goals with a huge scale of hit points, but rather include interactive mechanics with environment. It contributes more effective team coordination facing these threats and defeating them, which makes the offer all the more exciting.

New character: ILLARI

A new support hero joins the ranks of Overwatch, arriving in the sunshine to support his teammates on the battlefield. Illari wears solar gun as the main weapon, which deals damage holding the left button and heal your allies pressing the right button. He has two skills Distinctive: “Pop“, which gives you the ability to be mobile, and “healing tower“, which deploys a projector for treatment in a specific area. Its ultimate capacity called “captive sunwhich spawns a Nova that slows enemies and causes them to explode when they take enough damage.

This new season brings with it many exciting new things to enjoy, which is perceived as new chapter in Overwatch 2. While there are always aspects you can continue to work on and improve on, there is no doubt these new additions will provide countless hours of enjoyment and “trihardeo” with friends. (Hey)

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