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Dafoe’s return was easily one of the audience’s favorite elements of the film and Dafoe’s performance was so good that it intimidated even Tom Holland on set. Even Zendaya admitted that the Ghost actor “scared everybody”. Although the character was left very similar to his original appearance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, he could look very different. We’ve already seen here that he almost dyed parts of Iron Man’s armor. Now, ten new rejected designs for Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Going Home have been revealed in the film’s artbook that has just been revealed.

The Spider-Man: No Way Home – The Art of the Movie art book just came out, and it had over ten different rejected designs for the iconic Green Goblin. In an alternate version of the film, Norman Osborn would have found a damage control facility where he kept the ancient Dark Elf armor (first seen in Thor: The Dark World). He’ll then don a new outfit that will make him look like a ghost, firmly establishing himself in the MCU.

There’s also a completely updated costume type, as shown here, with the villain wearing new high-tech purple and green armor. Other artwork retains his famous green outfit, another version of the villain includes some highly redesigned capes that replace the mask with goggles. In an alternate timeline, the Green Goblin embarks on a full tactical rampage, seemingly eliminating all purple goblin – it’s probably for the best that it didn’t make the cut.

An artist’s exploration of Norman Osborne’s concept of taking pieces of his glider and gluing them together. Another scene, which shows Norman wearing some seriously tattered clothes, features a reference to Hammer Industries from Iron Man 2.

Another design featured a more post-apocalyptic outlook and included bright orange goggles. A similar version shows a more ancient version of Norman’s costume, but badly damaged by his fight with the protagonist. There are also versions that are closer to what fans got in the final film, but with less of the extra gear that Norman is attached to.

Directed by Jon Watts, this third Spider-Man film from Tom Holland brings the concept of the multiverse to the fore, bringing back many of the villains from previous Spider-Man films, as well as a rare partnership between the MCU’s protagonist, Tobey Maguire Presents. web-slinger, and Andrew Garfield’s wall-crawler. It is the biggest movie of 2022 and in top 3 at biggest US box office.

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