news | Sidney Sweeney mentions his Barbarella reboot after Jane Fonda comments

Jane Fonda was the original Barbarella on 1968’s Strap, directed by Roger Vadim.

after collaborating with HBO Ann Excitement and miniseries White lotusThe Sydney Sweeney Le Louvain Los Projects. It was only a few days ago that it was confirmed that the costume would be worn Spider Woman in the next movie sony madam web And among his other upcoming works is a reboot of the cult classic barbarella,

Sydney Sweeney On the ground he will star in the new version of the space opera explained jane fonda In 1968, Bell also designed the strap. And of course, it’s an honor for her, and one who isn’t too enthused by the idea is the 85-year-old actress. in one last conversation with EW, fonda just saidi try not to think about it“Because he was worried about what might happen.

After passing Euphoria and White Lotus, Sweeney will wear Madame Web’s costume.

before these words, Sydney Sweeney Amplio explained in detail how to prepare for the personality and made a wish. talking with Diversity star of Excitement I recognized that I would love to sit and talk with them fonda and sharing his perspective, argues that his conclusion about the original film is that “women are the embodiment of their power, First, Sweeney I commented that I was very excited to be selected for this prestigious role and I wanted to keep that joy alive through his film.

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barbarella was created by Jean-Claude One and began to be published in comic format through V Magazine In 1962. The vignettes chronicle the adventures of an astronaut who leads a life of adventure throughout the galaxy. It is considered one of the first comics to contain material aimed at adults, as well as a revolutionary step in terms of representation of the sexual revolution of the time.

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