Misiones Masters is coming, the first provincial selection for gaming competitions

The initiative aims to develop the esports industry in the region. One of the main goals of the tournament is to find competitive profiles to build the first mission team. Competition conditions, requirements and much more.

Red Land celebrates a new tournament gamer to challenge in Counter Strike Global Offensive Edition (CS:GO) Master Missions – August 19 and 20.. The call is open to all young people over the age of 16 permanently residing in the province. The main goal is to find competitive profiles in the scene in order to create missionary teams for future competitions.

The video game is one of the most popular and most competitive games in the world. In other words, Major Championships were held in France this year, which prize fund $1,250,000.

Requirements and prizes

The tournament will be virtual. Each player must compete from their own device. First place will have as a prize five mice MSI Clutch GM08 Black.

Through the official page of Misiones Gamer you can find inscriptions both for those who are interested in who has competitive team up to 5 people. Otherwise it will option within the individual modalitywhere the organization will randomly pair players.

In addition, all players they must enter their Gamers Club account name to see the ranks of each. The one with the highest rank will become the team captain.. “Last year we were looking for profiles, but we need a few more. This event aims to find the last missing profiles.”assured trainer game missions, Jan Caruccio.

The referent facilitated the participation of all concerned, including those who do not have a team and those who believe they cannot win. The reason is that, as a coach, will be responsible for the analysis and selection of profiles that will make up the missionary team in the future compete in these electronic sports. “I’m going to look at all kinds of profiles, both their performance and their level in the game,” he said.

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