Meghan Markle, Harry Divorce, Single Life, Has a Special Friend

Meghan Markle is again at the center of a media storm. The world will be watching the life of the Duchess of Sussex after Prince Harry lands at Japan’s Haneda Airport to attend the ISPS Sports Values ​​Summit. The reason behind her absence from this internationally renowned event has been fueling innumerable rumors and speculations regarding the status of her marital relationship. Alarms sounded even louder when Meghan Markle opted to stay in Los Angeles while her husband was immersed in summit matters. The decision fueled speculation of a possible rift in their marriage. Sources around claim that after the Bumbalinas, the fairy tale must have faded some time ago, and their few public appearances are nothing more than a sham to hide the deterioration of their relationship.

However, the rumors don’t stop there. Sources close to the former actress have told US media that Meghan Markle has found Consuelo and partner in the arms of a ‘special friend’., While the Duke of Sussex was thousands of kilometers away, the ‘Suits’ protagonist reportedly shared moments of fun and camaraderie with the mystery man. Although no names have been revealed, anonymous sources say the presence of this ‘friend’ could be part of the growing rift between Meghan and Harry.

Going out to concerts and cinemas

In the absence of her husband, Meghan has not lost any time to have fun. It is reported that he attended a concert by famous singer Taylor Swift in Inglewood, California. Accompanied by her good friend Lucy Fraser, the Duchess enjoyed the show at Sophie Stadium, without her husband in attendance. Plus, he has been seen sharing laughs and friendly moments with Ellen DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi, during a trip to the cinema to see the latest cinematic sensation: Barbie. At the end of the film, Meghan, with friends around her, including her ‘special friend’, heads to the Hotel San Ysidro Ranch, which coincidentally happens to be a group of friends celebrating a bachelorette party. Looks like the Duchess of Sussex knows how to have fun while Prince Harry is away from home.

Cumpleaños amid rumors of separation

Despite the rumours, Meghan Markle held a wedding scene with Prince Harry and his close friend Matt Cohen at the iconic Italian restaurant Tre Lune in Montecito. The veil appeared to be intended to quell breakup rumors shortly after Prince Harry’s solo trip to Japan rekindled the flames of speculation in the international media. The truth behind Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lives remains a mystery. However, one thing is for sure: Meghan Markle is enjoying her single life in Los Angeles, already attending concerts with close friends or sharing moments with her new boyfriend.

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