Lower Cholesterol With This Drink With Just Two Ingredients

Diet is a fundamental part of a healthy life, because it allows your body to function properly, so when you get sick, in addition to treatment, you need to improve your eating habits, because. and include or restrict certain products.

When high cholesterolthere are foods that are very helpful in lowering your levels and the best thing is that they can be consumed in very attractive presentations, as is the case with this drink to lower your levels bad cholesterol.

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There are two types cholesterol, i.e. cholesterol HDL (good) and LDL (bad)and each one has different features which, according to Medline Plus:

  • He cholesterol LDL stands for “Low Density Lipoprotein”. This is known as cholesterol bad because by accumulating in our blood, it can block the arteries in our body.
  • He cholesterol HDL is known to be good because it takes cholesterol from the body and transports it to the liver, which then removes cholesterol from the body.

have a lot cholesterol bad in the blood, it forms plaques that build up in the arteries and cause a disease called atherosclerosis. This can occur in more of the heart’s arteries, causing the blood flow, and therefore the oxygen that the heart needs, to not be supplied in sufficient amounts, causing angina. If the flow is completely blocked, it will cause a heart attack.

How could you read, have a good level cholesterol LDL is very important. The optimal level is less than 100 mg/dl. Above 130-159 mg/dl is the limit above which you are at risk.

There are several methods of treatment. From lifestyle changes, medications and certain remedies. Here we present a specific drink With 2 ingredients very easy to get and delicious.

Both fruits, in addition to being full of vitamins and components that are incredibly beneficial for our health, have a factor that makes them effective and recommended for reducing our cholesterol bad.

According to research conducted and published in the National Library of Medicine, pineapple and lemon have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, help remove excess fat from our body and regulate inflammation.

In a specific case cholesterol LDL is that it is eliminated due to the fact that pineapple and lemon help reduce plaque formation in the arteries, helping cholesterol HDL, which, as we indicated earlier, helps to transfer cholesterol bad to the liver to get rid of all the bad cholesterol afterwards. Therefore, drinking rich pineapple and lemon juice is highly recommended.

Pineapple and parsley juice is a healthy option for the morning

Ideally, make it in the morning to enjoy its benefits before you start exercising and energize your day.

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