LoL: this is how items look in 3D and enhanced by artificial intelligence

See how these League of Legends items are upgraded with artificial intelligence (AI).

The growing presence of artificial intelligence (AI) has invaded not only our daily lives, but also the fascinating world of video games. League of Legends, this immersive virtual universe has witnessed the fusion of AI and creativity to create champions with surprisingly realistic designs. As well as chats with Chat GPT, a chatbot prototype, to see which team is the best ever. And if you think you’ve reached the limit of this symbiosis, let me introduce you to a new milestone: a collaboration between LoL and computer renderers that has resulted in a more authentic 3D visual representation of objects in the game.

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Dark Blade is a very popular item in LoL.

From fuzzy images that reflect the items found in the LoL virtual store, this artificial intelligence has managed to perform real miracles. Often, intrepid players who venture into Summoner’s Rift acquire these items purely by name or even superficially. However, each object hides a history, heritage, its own essence, which distinguishes it in the game universe. Thanks to AI enhancements, this new visual perspective allows us to fully appreciate the role these items play on the battlefield.

Like a futuristic digital brush, the AI ​​painted lines and shadows into the essence of League of Legends, preserving the significance of each object and taking the game’s story to a new level of immersion. The result is a fusion of innovation and entertainment that not only affects the aesthetics of the game, but also the strategic acumen of its competitors in the virtual arena.

The best AI-enhanced item designs

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