Lionel Messi and Cannabis: The Most Unexpected Crossover in Miami

Lionel Messi gave rise to a true revolution after the advent of inter miamiyouth franchise Owned by David Beckham who competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) from the United States.

The captain of the Argentina national team has already accomplished what was expected of his appearance: Mark at least seven goals in four games and took the Florida team Quarter-finals of the League Cup.

Messi converges in every sense. Thousands of people come to Miami to enjoy the magic of this face-to-face sight yes, in the global materia, yes There is nothing in the world that is not apart from the existence of Inter Miami Thanks for your visit.

Even the most famous people on the planet bow to his presence: LeBron James, Serena Williams, Camila Cabello, Kim Kardashian, Maluma And another series of celebrities from all over the world When he joined Messi they became one more.

hyun ForeignerHowever, that turned out to be both unexpected and surprising., And given this, it can be mentioned in the abstract section Messi has no direct contact But there are many people who go to DRV PNK Stadium: cannabis.

Can you smoke marijuana in Miami? Can you go to Inter Miami Stadium to see Messi and smoke marijuana at the same time? Can it be consumed only in advance? Ever since Messi’s body arrived in Florida, questions have been repeatedly raised in his vicinity.

Robert Hoban, a well-known lawyer from the famous Clark Hill firm, answered the question in a conversation with the medium El Plantio: “Of course: You can attend a football or sporting event in a stadium after consuming or smoking cannabis”. But I dispelled the doubt: “Public consumption in the parking lot or stadium is prohibited by state laws on cannabis and general laws on smoking. Florida’s medicinal marijuana laws prohibit the use of the drug in public or on public transportation.

Currently the laws of Florida, the state in which Miami is located Considering medicinal marijuana but there is a list of conditions to be able to approach as a buyer. To gain access, if necessary, as described above Be a permanent or temporary resident of Florida, have a relevant medical diagnosis, enter the Medicinal Marihuana Use Registry and obtain an identification card to register for medicinal marijuana use. in a few words: Medical use of marijuana is legal in Florida, but recreational marijuana is still illegal.

Then, patients could smoke medicinal marijuana before going to the Inter Miami stadium to see Messi, But this cannot be done in the bell of the enclosure in a private residence. l Foreigner Messi-cannabis, of course, has a place only in preview parties But not in the stadium.

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