Kourtney Kardashian gets called insensitive for this post

American businesswoman kourtney kardashianwho is enjoying the sweet expectation of her first son together with the drummer of punk rock band Blink 182, travis barkerHe was strongly criticized by a recent post on his social networks, which apparently wanted to express the peace he felt at this precise moment in his life.

However, your message was misrepresented by a number of Internet users who are not involved in Relate this publication to the most recent tragedy in which the residents of Hawaii find themselves, The place where a few weeks ago I was sharing with you guys to celebrate the birthday number once penelope,

What’s happening in Hawaii?

From a few hours ago, the tourist town of Lahaina on the Hawaiian island of Maui being seriously affected by wildfires According to the information given by the authorities there, at least fifty-three people died and more than a thousand people became helpless after the evacuation.

The flames started on March 8, apparently due to a combination of dry vegetation, high winds, and low humidity.

Kourtney Kardashian has been called insensitive in a recent post on the network

Well now, many internet users are disappointed with the most recent post of the American socialite, who is enjoying a holiday with her husband at one of the beaches in their country.

And even though the pictures seem to point to a moment of peace he was having before holding his young son in his arms, internet users have not forgiven the phrase with which the post is attached, Namely: “The sea calms the fire inside me”.

Earlier, according to his judgment, the followers of the insensitive woman Tacharon said that the words did not show respect to the inhabitants of the island in which they celebrated the birth of their daughter.

“Perhaps not the best time to say that the sea calms the fire is when people in Hawaii were forced to enter the sea because of the fire”, “Tana is insensitive to the people of Maui”, “I pregunto Si Todos You” is thought of by the people of Maui. You seem very insensitive”, Son some comments.

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