Karlie Kloss was the most unexpected accessory at Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour.”

The American singer-songwriter wrapped up the first part of her successful tour in the United States…

it was March 17 When? Taylor Swift your most ambitious tour begins “The Eras Tour” With a repertoire that continued in its musical trajectory through each of its eras. most suddenly, the first part of We got to Its second stop will be Mexico.

fifth and last night in the imposition Sophie Stadium In los angelesCalifornia, I was full of wonder and many stars who followed him and participated as fans dress codeincluding adopting friendship braceletsWhich happened in several shows on the coast of La Gira.

sadie sink, Anya Taylor-JoyKerry Washington, Sidney Sweeney, Adam Sandler, Hilary Duff, Becky G, Halsey, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, John Krasinki, Miles Teller are just some of the celebrities who have been mentioned in previous LA recitals.

However, Habo is one that has sparked curiosity among fans Taylor Swiftabout this Karlie KlossWhich was also quoted and wanted to go unnoticed because of the distance with the hero of the night.

How did Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss meet?

it’s 2012 when Taylor Swift Revealed in an important publication he would love to know Karlie KlossWithout any restrictions, it was a year after they first met in person, thank you Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Where the singer participated as the musical guest and became a part of the model parade.

It was a shot at first sight for them and it didn’t take long for them to become best friends, hanging out together, shopping, even shopping. featured together on the cover From one of the most important fashion magazines.

the previous one was confirmed during 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion ShowWhen they showed off their chemistry on the catwalk, they even opened the final segment together Song “Style” background.

Karlie Kloss with models like Gigi Hadid, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt made famous squad In Taylor Swiftbecoming part of “1989 Era”An inseparable troupe with other celebrities who performed together and the singer-songwriter graced his stage during the tour.

it was at that moment that the official video “bad blood”Dedicated to my problems with katy perry and taylor swift in that moment. Karlie Kloss I was always with him, even though it was said that it came first Listen to the album “1989”,

What happened between Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss?

However, every change Taylor Swift started falling out with Kanye West and Kim Kardashianwhat did he disappear Hatred what I got from the audience and fought for Rights to Your Music with Scooter Brown.

Karlie Kloss when i was not Taylor Swift But the need, even, was portrayed, on several occasions, with the representative and his wife, letting him know who was his best friend, who he called his sister and who was also emotionally related. .

Karlie Kloss participates in “The Eras Tour”

Although no relationship has ever been confirmed between them beyond friendship, many fans argue that the song “Cornelia Street” from Taylor Swift’s album “Lover”. Dedicated to the model.

In 2017, Taylor Swift i left it clear Karlie Kloss I was not high in my life when I was on a T-shirt in terms of videos “You are mine”I have not entered your name but the name of your other friends. Including Selena Gomez.

Singer did not attend the model’s wedding Joshua Kushner In 2018, they never again saw each other together. otra clue about your distance was when in the songs “It’s time to go” or “Right Where You Left Me” from album “forever” The following verses refer to:

On the one hand: «When words of a sister be a whisper, you know it it really wasn’t, This looked like the life partner of your dreams but he is a hunted thief.’ In the moment:’Friends break up, friends get married»,

after the distance between Taylor Swift and Karlie KlossThe model assisted in the most unexpected way leading up to the finale “The Eras Tour” in Los Angeles.However, this sets it apart from other famous people, i was not in the vip zone The bell on the stairs, captured by the fans themselves.

how curious is it Karlie Kloss was among the first to hear Disc “1989”and attended the concert to witness the announcement of its launch Taylor’s edition.

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