Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the documentary that will detail the hottest arbitration decision

AndAnn Netflix They always focus on cases that might be very interesting to the audience because of the importance of the protagonist or because of what happened, and this is exactly the case. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in which he planned to create a story that captured the world’s attention for six weeks, a process that lasted decision of both.

documentary director ‘Depp Vs. Heard’, Emma Cooper, the documentary is no doubt about direct media decision-making. The filmmaker doesn’t have a lot of work but he already has experience in the world of documentaries, from April 27 he premiered the documentary ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Untied Straps’ on Netflix.

Documentary to be premiered by Next Kids 16 August The plot would focus on the long weeks that you had to deal with. is decided So that swings it in favor of the American actor. After watching his career end completely Due to this scenario, both are engrossed in their real life decision, fighting for their respective lives.

real documentary

counts with the document three deliveries, in which the director Analysis Each of the artists’ announcements and the results they can bring are explained in detail. loss medium also went Main character In this matter and the controversy that the two created, I said that people all over the world Status hacia un bando y el otro.

Their lives are at risk during the process and after the verdict exchanged Overall, currently the actor, who is also a musician, sings with his band the Hollywood Vampires, Before someone faints, he is locked in his room in a Budapest hotel. it’s good for me, Amber Heard, you find yourself living there Spanish capital next to his daughter.

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