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The organizer was Evita Interdistrict Hospital, which was attended by nutritionists from all hospitals in the capital.

As part of the events held for the Day of the Nutritionist, celebrated this Friday, August 11, the nutrition service of the Evita Interdistrict Hospital (OIE) held an interhospital conference, to which the heads of this specialty working in capital hospitals were convened.

Titled “The role of the dietitian in the hospital environment”, the conversation was attended, in addition to nutritionists from the Evita Interdistrict Hospital, doctors from the Central Hospital, the Mother and Child Hospital, and the District Hospital 8 “Eva Peron”. and High Complexity Hospital Pte. Juan Domingo Peron.

In this regard, HIEF Head of Nutrition Ms. Carmela Maria Gonzalez noted that the main theme of the day was the fundamental role of this specialist in a multidisciplinary medical team working in a hospital environment.

But also they took the opportunity to “share experiences, updates and share knowledge and knowledge with colleagues, because each hospital has its own footprint with its own strengths, but there are always problems that need to be improved in order to continue optimizing the quality of service that we provide. , day after day, to patients as part of a healthcare team.”

He stressed that this highlighted the importance of “the ability to continue to work together with other specialists in the medical teams” to implement new projects and new programs “in order to integrate interdisciplinary teams and develop new activities. , which can enhance the care and approach to patients by a nutritionist.”

He then noted that this conference, which was organized to include and update knowledge related to proper nutrition for patients, also proposed various actions “and ways to implement them so that the goals can be achieved.”


He emphasized that at present the role of a nutritionist is divided into several areas, which cover, for example, the assessment and anthropometry of patients in the hospital wards, intensive care, coronary ward, emergency care. Both pre- and postoperative patients, as well as cancer patients.

It also provides outpatient care for outpatients, hemodialysis patients and diabetics.

Meanwhile, he is responsible for the training of the medical team on food and nutrition issues, which is carried out in conjunction with the teaching and research teams of each hospital.

He is also responsible for supervising the kitchen sector of hospitals, where said diets are prepared and food dishes are adapted according to the patient’s pathology and the established typing.

At the same time, he is responsible for the nutrition of staff working in hospitals, filling out daily food sheets for both patients and staff.

Holiday in Latin America

Since 1974, Latin America has celebrated Dietitian’s Day every year on August 11, commemorating the birth of Pedro Escudero, an Argentinean nutritional pioneer.

It should be noted that nutrition is one of the pillars of health, good growth and development. For people of all ages, proper nutrition can help boost your immune system, make you less sick, and improve your health.

In turn, nutritionists are professionals who have the necessary knowledge to promote health through adequate and balanced nutrition, studying for this the physiological and metabolic processes that occur in the body of each person, and then eating.

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