Hulk Hogan and the secret of his diet and transformation at 70

Today, the mythical Hulk Hogan is no more and no less than 70 years old, and he does it in an enviable physical shape. American wrestling icon, real name Terry Jean Bollea, is considered one of the most prolific and iconic wrestlers in history. Hulk Hogan began his professional career in 1977 and was a mainstay of WWE for decades before retiring to filmmaking. Not so long ago in an interview with Men’s Health Hogan shared important health tips that helped him achieve an incredible body transformation at the age of 70, and also shared the big secret of his diet.

The former wrestler has been taking medication to ease his pain after about 25 surgeries over the past decade, including back surgery that left him unable to feel his legs. He says his health has improved significantly since he stopped drinking alcohol and started consuming CBD products, which allowed him to exercise regularly. Because for Hogan, consistency is important to maintaining a high level of personal fitness. In addition to alcohol, he has also stopped consuming dairy products and no longer eats after sunset. She also follows a healthy diet and does not eat eggs every day. Now he justifies one of his most popular phrases: “Pray, eat your vitamins.”

“At first I started to lose weight because I didn’t have the extra calories from the drink and I eliminated dairy from my diet,” he tells Men’s Health. “Today I try to eat very cleanly. I’ve moved away from the typical daily egg diet a bit: I only eat egg whites every three to four days. In the morning I eat yogurt and fruit, drink a couple of cups of organic coffee and exercise, and then eat a small amount of protein with meals. I try to eat every three to four hours, and at four or five in the afternoon I eat a little more. But I have to be careful at night because I turn into a monster… I just want to feed the beast! That’s why I usually don’t eat when the sun goes down.”

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When it comes to inspiration, Hogan is by no means lacking. The pro wrestling superstar continues to live up to the time-honored mantra and philosophy: “If you slow down, you will drown”. So as we wait for his biopic starring Chris Hemsworth to come to fruition, who is also celebrating his 40th birthday today in remarkable physical shape, Hogan continues to urge those who follow him to be rigorous with training frequency.

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Joaquin Gasca is an expert in competition, technology and motorsport. Some time ago he hung up his spiked shoes to focus on paddle tennis and running…old stuff, he complains. But he’s also ready for whatever pushes his body to the limit, whether it’s driving an Aston Martin or riding a scooter to the office.

He is very much from Atlético Madrid, so when footballers like Marcos Llorente or Alvaro Morata appeared on the cover of Men’s Health, he was there to write to them. He just ran his first marathon for Runner’s World, and as is often the case in this universe, he is already looking for his next marathon to run under 3 hours. If you need to test any paddle tennis racket, car or watch, it’s no problem. Even slippers. Everything you need in sports equipment.

Joaquin graduated from USP-CEU journalism in 2013, but since 2009, when he joined the university newspaper, he has been working as a 360 journalist in digital and print. The next steps in his nearly 15-year career were taking culture and sports at a Shanghai magazine until he enrolled at Hearst a week before the pandemic hit in 2020. He is also Professor of Social Media and New Technologies at Universitas Senioribvs. CEU and is part of the Hearst Innovation HUB to explore new trends.

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