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“How many dreams do you have to find what you’ve lost?
How many years do you have to live to know what you like?»


O Disco Que Por La Cover Never Oirias. Some are particularly rare, but if you dare with them, explore what pops up in your mind. Others are particularly good, mediocre or bad and, very rarely, there are people who, apart from taste and preferences, are masterpieces from head to toe. However, there is another range of plastics which, despite being highly commercialised, you can hardly stop looking at. Son, the people who listen when you are taking a shower, take the car to travel, or almost automatically remind you. They’d be simple but sticky records, natural and fresh, like adolescence in full swing. and that’s exactly what happens when you put how many dreams In DMA’sSound that’s configured as a part of your day to day.

how many dreams This is the expected fourth studio album by the Australian trio DMA’s, an album that, without eating or drinking, emotionally carried me back to those distant dreams already lost from adolescence and youth, it is sure, when the mind was still a whirlwind of illusions, passions and experiences . In that state the world seemed infinite.

We are before a thought-provoking work, which includes dozens of lively songs, beautiful and stickers, which remember a part of our biography, and remember the moments we lived when we were children and now we are in new Living youth how many dreams This allows travel.

The album was partly recorded in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Rich Costi (Sigur Ros, Muse, Foster the People) Y stuart price (Dua Lipa, The Killers, Madonna), but concluded in Sydney (Australia) with Art constantin kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants). The disc is seen in the light through the record label I OH YOU, a company that brings artists such as Jack Rivers, Soho Violent, Confidence Man, among others.

how many dreams It is a work that conveys a clear message: put aside the things that are troubling us and look to the future with optimism. Without a doubt, it groups together a plethora of songs that transmit emotion and even sing, as it comments. Desh Kapoor For all music magazine, “The entire record is filled with dazzling electronics and vibrant guitars. The unique timbre of the voices make the song come alive and touch directly to your essence. That’s what makes this record a rousing and dazzling celebration, all united with the band’s incredible skill at writing a stadium-sized hit song.,

DMA’s Appeared on stage during 2014 thanks to his first single delete, A small oasis in a guitar ballad without guesswork, but with a very direct emotional message: «It will show you something that cannot be taught (…) Let whatever you keep inside you come out and stop fighting the feeling that comes to you,

your last album Glow (Mar 2020), This was another surprise. It became No. 4 in the UK, No. 1 in Scotland and No. 2 in Australia. Without a doubt, the band knows how to generate subjects that appeal to people’s sensibilities, always making people respond with their emotional motor.

composed by the band Thomas O’Dell in lead voice and battery, Matthew Manson on lead guitar and choirs, and johnny took on acoustic guitar. These three form a triad that has gained a devoted audience: «What I love about a sold-out show is that you know it’s going to be good. In England we were greeted by as many fanatics as in Australia. (Indieisnotgenre).

The person responsible for most letters is johnny took, It says the same for Indieisnotgenre: «When I write lyrics, words pop into my head randomly to get the melody and emotion of the song. sometimes randomness is good, For example, I wrote Delete when I was only 18. Now, I will not write those letters. I did this after I broke up with a girl and stopped going online. I believe many people can connect with this. When a relationship breaks up, you don’t want to be stalking your ex on the internet all the time.,

What I love about this type of band is that they’re able to make compact and sweet records without any clunkiness, and also introduce a remarkable message into their global concept. These are not some prestigious group of subjects. They are structures that connect quickly with the public, without complexities, but capable of composing well-structured, complete, melodic melodies. Just do the work and keep your audience. No one is afraid to leave you while putting cabaredo in cuneta. His songs, with no need to be original, make you feel positive, offer hope and make you dream, feelings that crystallize and fade between moments of tenderness and reflection. They are memories of past loves, of childhood affection, of hugs spread in the steam of time, or of friendships that one day broke and left behind you a valley of roses or thorns.

in conclusion, since how many dreams The theme that opens the disc, How Much Sleep Do We Need to Find What We’ve Lost and Loved?, until from carle, The clue when confirming that it falls apart «Bliss draws near. never let it stop, Have a great walk between all the albums brit pop Corrable and clean electronic synthesizer.

very achieved between medio, melody and vocals as they are Olympia ,,Do you remember those first years?, Everyone’s saying Thursday weekend (,Everyone is stomping feet and screaming (…) they are common victims of dreaming too much,O! dear future ,“I’m singing in pain… because this country has become a joke”,,

But the sublimity doesn’t end there… The disc also includes other songs i don’t need to hide where unconditional love can empower you ,,I don’t have to hide (…) Estos ain’t the type of dreams I like, hey forever (theme that in some sections reminds Agility: “Why can’t I look like the man he was?», fading like a picture (“You can find it all under the stars singing the pain that’s gone,

At the end, Jai alai (“Un angel cayo del cielo (…) y recoggio los pedazos de mi corazón”), Get Rave (“Noche tras noche estoy raising my life among the dead”), 21 Years of Vacancy (“There’ll be a prick in your windshield and everything’s gone”), or Something We’re Overcoming (“We’re Jumping Over the Wreck”)… These are all harmonically glutinous ballads that reveal the purest style indie pop,

in general, how many dreams development of sound and style DMA’s, but at the same time remain faithful to their sources. Most critics have defined the album as the band’s most ambitious yet, as it successfully managed to create a pleasant mix of musical styles. britpopPulsating electronics and epic guitars, three phenomena mixed in a single container, get festival-goers excited.

listen here how many dreams of DMA

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