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He was born in the loneliest place in New York BronxSon muchas las canciones que, tras deriver en hymnos o no, han lelvado al Hip Hop Converting into a movement that is in the news. Artists from one coast and the other coast of the United States join in rap music A style that, despite constantly evolving and ending up in multiple streams of music, remains essentially attached to the same values ​​that burst forth from the plate. Dj Kool Herc In those ‘block parties’ of the early 70’s.

Now, half a day later and with an ever-expanding list of genres and subgenres associated with this culture, the musical styles that can be found within it reach unprecedented limits. In turn, the disintegration of technologies such as format midiwhich moved the composition into a digital environment, fitting the character of the producer and opening doors that singers could use as instruments like their melody l auto tune delineate any phonological limits.

execute a selection The themes that mark history within this movement (or any other) result in a work that is both complex and frustrating. For now, the wisest thing to do is stick to a benchmark for decade and select the songs that, beyond their reach and sales data, contributed in some way to sustaining, shaping and making Strong Al Hip Hop would be what it is today.

‘Planet Rock’ – Afrika Bambaataa (1982)

Inspired by the portrait of Kool Herc, leader of the electro-funk group soulsonic forceafrica bambaataa, The festival also began in the south of the Bronx with ‘breakbeats’, whose patrons were supporters of the hegemony music of the time. The light would see the door of what would be the second decade since the origins of the movement ‘Planet Rock’Song logo of the era with permission from The Message on behalf of the group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five,

sound effects of synthesizer The original version of this section took 12 minutes, which was later reduced to seven and a half minutes, giving rise to several styles of very different nature: house, saliva, technology hey g-funk There are only a few of them. charge of infinitude, production, arthur bakerMade possible by Mitika Roland TR-808The box of rhythms before the appearance of MIDI that continues to appear in performances of performers from the stage even in the contemporary era Kanye West,

“Fuck the Cops” – NWA (1988)

in the late 1980s, during which great names such as cool mod, clever rick hey ll cooljay, The genre would acquire a marked rebel identity with a subgenre ‘gangsta rap’, in the first phase of ice tea or schooled d they will follow one of the public enemy (cuyo) ,fight the Power, can fully occupy this house with the obvious influence of their predecessors) and N.W.A.

Yes, It’s Clear That ‘Fuck the Cops’ Isn’t the Iconic Album’s Most Famous Theme ,Straight Outta Compton,With the song of the same name as the main hit of the Californian group Eazy EThe message of protest against police brutality and what came out of it forever marked the industry. censorship Bullying of groups and popularization of labels against certain broadcasters ‘clear’ He finally put a movement on the map that, after a few years of maturity, was on the brink of development hatch eggs without any precedent.

‘Juicy’ – The Notorious B.I.G (1994)

No doubt, ‘lush’ This is one of rap’s greatest creations and of course, by its author, New York rapper the notorious BIG, Presentation paper from Brooklyn speculates that years later it would all be read in the midst of a it was golden hip hop is characterized by the confrontation between east and west coast De los Estados Unidos, where talented rappers emerge from under the rocks. Tupac, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg or Big Pun are some examples.

The origin of ‘single’ was from the idea puff Daddywho is trying to convert rap into a better product commercial, ended up contributing to the creation of one of the anthems of the genre. with the amazing ability to ‘Tell a story’Biggie, who at first refused to publish related work, began to shape the reality of 1994 with his impromptu introductory verse. “It was all a dream”,

‘In the Club’ – 50 Cent (2003)

After a phase of animosity that was settled with Biggie and Tupac’s Essinatos, hip hop needed a washed face, With Siglo’s transformation, it already took several years for him to make a name for himself alongside other eclectic rappers. Lil WayneFollowing the success of the group Hot Boyz, he embarks on his own path in solitude with the launch of the first chapter of the saga ‘The Carter’Whereas Kanye West Unveiled my ‘rapper’ side in ,college dropout, After working as a producer for Mano and Mano jay zee You’ll sell Rock-a-Fellas. Both remain at the foot of the valley even decades later.

However, if a song completely changes then the scene of that moment changes ‘In the club’In 50 Cent, The Search for an Eminem Not Signed to Shady Records. Sampled on numerous occasions, this Dr. Dre production, built over an ‘off-beat’ rhythm, returned to the style that emerged from the Bronx’s secret parties. disco from all over the world.

With hip hop consolidating on a global scale, the range of subgenres that make up the movement has experienced a number of changes that have crippled it from traditional protest discourses. Las ‘trap House’ Han played ‘block parties’, and ostentatiousness through money, drugs and weapons is now a central element of styles like his. Netwhich has been positioned as one of the products in recent years Chief music market in the United States.

It’s not that the song is relegated to the background: in many cases, outright, it disappears from the setting. This trend in the North American country south was heavily criticized by purists rooted in past styles, promoted by figures such as Gucci Mane, IT hey young Jeezy, However, it was not until the dissolution of other figures such as young thugs hey Friend When the limits are completely crossed. perfect, ‘Versace’From the Atlanta trio, it was the prelude to what would be heard throughout the decade. Without incident to the horrors of ‘Bad and Boujee’ or ‘Walk It Like I Talk It’, both from the same group, When?, offset and deceased take off remove bases already cemented from the trap with haste 91 The Italian luxury fashion brand is mentioned for four minutes towards the end of the song.

girls revolution

Despite being a masochistic culture, plagued by men – y, on occasion, with sexist tints like all music – hip hop has not been free of statistics. Woman Who have also promoted social change through their works. with the same thought Claim As minorities in the face of hegemonic forces, some girls, in addition, managed to receive fair benefits Success By the way. decade of how could it not be otherwise 90 It was then that this event was repeated.

at the same time, both lil’ kim As lauryn hill gradually become part of junior mafia (founded by The Notorious B.I.G.) and Refugees before starting a solo career. The first of them, Born in Brooklyn, debuted on the album ‘hard core’ y, after Biggie’s death, was launched ‘Notorious Kim’, Since then, the singer has published three other works in singles, the last of them being ‘9’ (2019), which she considered one of the women’s singles. more effective From the history of rap.

For his part, Hill, who had already demonstrated his versatility at the time combining rap with Wycliffe Jean and a prodigious voice, began solo. ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ (nineteen ninety eight). Despite the overwhelming success of this self-composed work, it was certified as the first ‘Diamond Disc’ Acquired by a woman in hip hop, Nueva Jersey she told in an interview that she didn’t get new offers after the launch, besides she confessed inconveniences With the operation of the music industry. However, if you’ve seen the light of the ‘live album’ ‘MTV Unplugged Episode 2.0’ and several collaborations with artists from Nas Heights, Whitney Houston or Bob Marley.

Ya en el siglo 21, special time of the voice of nicki minaj began playing on American stations. Influenced by Lauryn Hill herself, other famous women love voices Missy Elliott your guru, the rapper Lil WayneTen nominations have accumulated for the Trinidad and Tobago-born artist. grammy With his five studio albums, in addition to countless hits such as ‘Anaconda’, ‘FEFE’, ‘Starships’ or the last of them, The Drill ‘Barbie World’ (with Ice Spice).


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