Harvey Weinstein from LoL: CookieLoL and his allegations…

Popular Twitch streamer CookieLoL has been charged with multiple felonies, including making sexual comments about minors and defrauding his staff and fans.

LoL streamer Cookielol clearly abuses his influence to harass minors | © Kukilol

Is there a worse combination than harassing perverts and power? The Harvey Weinstein case brought him to the attention of the general public, and now Jacob “Cookie” Fransson is doing the same in the streaming and League communities after serious allegations surfaced against the popular streamer.

CookielLoL exposed for cheating his community and flirting with minors on Discord

On April 12, 2023, a document was discovered outlining serious allegations against the 22-year-old. The allegations include several instances of him flirting with minors, cheating on his community, lying to patrons, and more.

Cookie’s content mostly revolved around the game League of Legends, both on her Twitch account and on her YouTube channel. As a former professional player, he was able to quickly garner a large following and build his brand of top-level player.

The streamer now faces some very serious charges as a 90-page document written by former members of his community details how he cheated his viewers and abused his power.

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One of the worst topics mentioned in the paper was how he “made your Discord server unsafe for your young audience”making creepy sexual comments about minors.

The allegations include multiple screenshots of Discord chats showing CookieLoL making inappropriate comments about minors, calling one a “sex geek” and another a “pet”.

The document also features screenshots of Cookie admitting to sexually abusing an ex-girlfriend when he was 16 while talking to one of the girls.

Intended viewers and sponsors of the CookieLoL scam

All the advances and sexual assaults were enough to abandon Cookie as a person, but the matter did not stop there. He also allegedly cheated his sponsors and fans regarding finances.

Not only did he owe money to his own employees talking about buying a new car, but he also inflated his transmissions to pay advertising fees.

CookieLoL’s weak response to the accusations

Literally a day after the document was published, Cookie posted his response to Twitlonger, stating that he wanted to take responsibility for his mistakes.

In his response, he admitted to being a “generally weird little guy”, looking back on interacting with some of his fans.

Again, he claims that the age of consent in Sweden is 15, so he didn’t think there was anything wrong with his behavior.

“At the time, I had just turned 20 and she was about to turn 17, and I didn’t think there was anything wrong with flirting sexually with her.”

In Twitlonger, he also addresses allegations of sexual abuse against his ex-girlfriend, explaining the situation, at least from his point of view. Whether his explanation of the situation is the complete truth is up for debate, but with all the other allegations, it’s hard to trust his point of view.

Regarding payments, it simply mentions “extremely bad with payments”promising to improve in this aspect.

Cookie’s response drew a lot of criticism, prompting her to write another tweet saying that “panicked and wrote a statement that probably seemed insincere”.

However, he was unaffected by criticism, as soon after he went on a fully monetized stream where people had to subscribe even if they wanted to voice their complaints in the chat.

He then released another statement in which he said he would be taking a break from social media, although he would continue to create content for his YouTube channel. The first place he plans to return to is his Patreon, which is almost full of supporters giving him money.

So not only does he intend to continue as if nothing had happened, but he also wants to drown out critics with paywalls. He promises to do good deeds, but who the hell is going to check that?

I won’t even talk about his apology video because it was a big “nothing”. One user sums it up nicely by saying: “He doesn’t regret doing it. He’s sorry he got caught.”.

CookieLol returns to streaming as if nothing had happened

In his recent response stream, it became even clearer that CookieLoL didn’t care about his victims, as he simply resumed the stream as if nothing had happened, joking and just… oblivious to the situation.

This is confirmed by the criticism directed at him, stating that he regrets being caught more than about his bad deeds. CookieLoL also made sure that no one but her fans could write to her chat by putting her in subscriber-only mode.

When someone on the chat asked if they could talk about the elephant in the room, the moderator replied: “It seems to me that most of the subscribers are happy about his return, we just don’t see a reason to talk about it”.

Even Cookie seems to have instructed his moderators to downplay the situation. The streamer also went out of his way to ignore random chat messages asking about the situation, instead focusing on the game.

CookieLol disappears and apparently owes people money

As of August 9, CookieLol seems to be completely gone as she hasn’t streamed for over two months and hasn’t uploaded a video to YouTube for a month. Apparently, he also owes some people money, as his domain owner,, disabled the website, displaying only a message for Cookie.

Later, the domain owner updated the message displayed on the website, hinting that they are working on a solution, but this is not the first time they have accused CookieLol of not paying people.

Looks like we might get some news on August 14th, but so far there haven’t been any crazy new developments.

The CookieLoL situation once again highlights the precarious position of minors online. Popular content creators should not be allowed to abuse their influence to educate and target their young audience with negative intentions. If you ever find yourself in a situation similar to those girls, know that you can always find help! Get this help! If you don’t know where to start, here is a link to The Cyber ​​Helpline.

The original article was written Robert Bachhuber.

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