Gal Gadot reveals she wants to work with an Argentinian film director

Actress girl gadot i was promoting the movie agent stonean action thriller and spy film i went to netflix this week, star in this context He revealed that he would like to work with an Argentinian film director.

In an interview during the film Press Wheels, Gadot reveals that one of her favorite movies is Relatos SalvagesArgentine hit of 2014. The actress was in for more and sent a message to the director Damien Siffron: “Damien, I’d love to work with you”.

In conversation with journalist Agustín Aimé, specialist in cinema and series, Gadot took the opportunity to highlight Siffron’s work on film. journalist committed himself Be sure to send a message to the director.

Another Hollywood actress reveals her fondness for Argentinian cinema

In 2022, Another actress recommended Relatos Salvajes, it comes to Erin Moriarty, known for creating Starlight in the series Amazon Prime: The Boys.

In a previous interview, the actress recommended some films and chose Siffron’s work among them. “Is A fun film, a little sexy and a little wild. Rare, but also impressive. or One of my favorite movies of the decade”. Moriarty expressed.

Catch New Spy Thriller Agent Stone With Gal Gadot On Netflix

lego a netflix agent stonefilm directed by Tom Harper and with a script from the acclaimed Greg Rucka, action film, thriller and espionage lead with a part girl gadot,

Once again, the Israeli actress, known internationally for giving life wonder woman, leads a strap of streaming platforms. A platform that has been associated with actors from the platform over the years Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth hey Dwayne Johnsonamong many others for this type of film.

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