First clue to Leiva’s next project: “I’m recording a new record”

It’s like what exists between liva and music it’s a relationship without comfort, in constant motion.

The madrileño singer made an announcement last May that had an impact on his followers: it was to end his tour, next December 26, with a new citation with all of them at the capital’s Vissink Center. lip attack when you die after more than four concerts in spainAnd also say goodbye to “a mouse in the scenery”.

It was also approved to be made public guest star From the concert of Siere, Rubén Pozzo, and “soul friend and companion during so many years in Pareza”, the musical group that formed at the beginning of his career and to which he belonged for more than 10 years.

l sold out It’s already recurring news when we talk about Leiva, and the fanaticism towards the artist made it so that the entries flew in a matter of minutes and she show With three quotes in the madrileño enclosure, the end of the syrre multiplied by three: 19, 25 and 26 December.

But, there’s no need to panic, as it doesn’t seem like a very long rest – let alone a final one – and is by no means definitive. singer of very cruel announced on their Instagram account: “Estoy Recording Disco Nuevo”.

Direct and clear, the artist continues to explain something else we’ll see next. “I’m continuing what I started Texas (Sonic Ranch) and cdmx“, without ignoring the mention of the Spanish guitarist and music producer Carlos Raya, who has collaborated on many of the singer’s works –ammo (2014), Demon (2016), nuclear (2019) or when you change your lip (2021)-: “Ahora, Under the shelter of my faithful companion Carlos Raya, Instantly testing sounds and recording some beautiful songs,

Apparently, it won’t be time to shut down too soon when this new project comes to light: “I think it’s going to take some time to edit, but I’ve always loved recording songs. One year ago, it was a Hubble Day!“, is explained. Miantras investigates, plays and sings, also rests: “Free day walk the peon with the band,

Guapos, Liva’s new rock and roll group that plays drums

Last March, The Guapos appeared on the Internet. A new band was born in Mexico City and his friends also formed Adnovsky Jodorowsky, David Aguilar and Jay de la Cueva, As with all projects and parallel careers, the project is born out of the desire that the artists “had to form a rock and roll band together and recapture the feeling of an institution band. Pure RNR of the 50’s”, Leiva himself. Announce in your social media networks.

With that, Leiva confessed to returning to her origins: “I go back to the drums, my instrument. where i feel less scammerAnd explained the specifics of his new band and his commitment to rock and roll from before: “We recorded the disc in Chicago in harsh analog. Everything we used was from before 1960! Pre-Beatles! Forget about music and penurias to dance to”.

Asi, June 16 has arrivedOho!, Guapos’ debut album.

The next stops for the solo artist will be San Fernando (Cádiz), Gandia, Palencia, Lugo, Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

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