Faced with new variants of Covid-19, they ask to keep preventive measures – El Sol de San Luis

The state health service, SES, continues to recommend preventive measures for the coronavirus, a disease that continues to claim lives in the San Luis community.

The World Health Organization, WHO, has recently classified new options of interest that have settled in the United States and China. There is also a case of new strains found in England.

The state health agency cites that this issue is not seen as a greater threat than other already known options.

In addition, both this and other already known variants are believed to increase their circulation, i.e. the number of infections increases, especially in winter, but at the moment there is no indication that the new variants are more serious than those what is already there We met with the Mexicans.

However, the State Secretariat of Health suggests that people who are chronically ill or immunosuppressed have weakened immune systems and less ability to fight off infections and other illnesses, so they are advised to avoid crowds. they go to enclosed and poorly ventilated areas and, like the general population, they are asked to continue to wash their hands frequently and keep their distance.

Those who have diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, COPD, etc. or diseases caused by immunosuppression such as certain types of cancer, AIDS, etc. should be extremely careful not to contract Covid-19 , since it is more likely to get sick with complications and require hospitalization.

The symptoms are similar to those we already know about this disease, such as fever or chills, headache, muscle pain, cough, runny nose, loss of taste or smell. It is highly recommended to use face masks if you have symptoms and contact your doctor if they persist for more than 48 hours.

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