Emily Ratajkowski Has the Best Fashion Hack of the 2000s

August 4, Emily Ratajkowski I walked around Nueva York in an ultra-short black minidress, ankle boots, fitted black sunglasses, and an unexpected accessory.

With the continued resurgence of low-rise jeans, the inevitable return of the chair thrown belt. However, the model was brought back in the early years of the eighties a tight belt, Although these were not for practical purposes in the 2000s, they still allowed certain features to be highlighted or hidden.

In Ratajkowski’s case, widen your torso and create the illusion that your dress is shorter than it actually is.

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Pockets make your look even better!

for the second day in a row, Emily Ratajkowski It was teamed with a pair of calf-length black boots, this time with a delicate cat heel and a slightly square toe. On August 3rd, she and her amber hair were photographed with very similar shoes, which I paired with a slip dress Asymmetrical with white and brown print, golden aretees and another pair mistakes of the 90s, Unlike the previous shoes, these featured a higher heel and a clear silver edging.


You always have the best fashion insight!

between the shoes of Emily Ratajkowski and Dua LipaAnd the controversial trend of panties and sandals, it’s clear this isn’t the summer to show off pie’s toes.

Article originally published at Glamor US,, adapted by Paola Sanchez.

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