Drake Bell prepares his new disco, non-stop flight; This is what we know Grupo Milenio

After years in the entertainment industry, musician and actor Drake Bell You know in Hollywood things are not like paintings. your most recent song, going awayHabla accurately from Esso.

“Express what it’s like to live under the reflector and want to take a moment to Have a little privacy and live a normal life for a rat”, he said in a recent interview in Mexico City, where he will perform a concert in the capital’s Bibi Auditorium in the summer. “El Brillo and El Glamor s It’s just a sham and reality is a very clear contradiction,

“Cremos in our mind what we believe is already matter It’s not, it costs your soul, your mind and your emotions”, added.

going away It is the first song on their next album, which is in the mixing and mastering stage after all of their recording. The album still doesn’t have a release date, but is planned for release before the end of the year and will be called its current tour: ,non-stop flight’, Bell says the release was successful because “I can’t stop making songs and adding them to the album”.

“I keep going through things in my life and I have to sit down and write about them,” says the singer, who assures that he can continue to compose forever. But for the time being it has been decided to cut 15 songs and leave the rest for the next album,

For his concert at the BB Auditorium, he will be accompanied by a full band and is expected to perform some of these new themes. ,It’ll be exciting to play these new songs and see what people think“, I say.

Bell describes his new production as a mix of rockabilly, pop, rock and roll, punk, ballads, singer-songwriter songs and even a little bit of reggaeton, all united in a style he calls “cosmic pop”. .

“Boom! You’re like a heavenly feel, like you’re a star if you drift off into outer space while you listen, because there’s a lot of stuff going on in there”, hinted.

Everything was very different for Bell in April, which he was headed reported missing And while he was in Florida, his family was in danger.

He says, “I was going through an emotional moment, dealing with some things at home and unfortunately I was in another unit and I was talking with my family and expressing how I felt Well, what am I worried about.” “Coincidentally when I reached my hotel I left my cell phone in the car, I went upstairs, it was very late and I fell asleep. My family was calling and calling and texting me and they couldn’t communicate with me because he was sleeping. They worry a lot and you can read the rest on the Internet. Pero estaba bien”.

Bell indicated that gone through a rough patchBut as an artist he takes it on the positive side, he can express it through his art.

“Over the past year, I learned a lot about asking for help, asking friends, family, etc. be able to move on with the things i’m dealing with“, I say.

Things that have helped him feel better include working on his new album, the company of his loved ones, therapy (“you are something great“, said) and be able to present yourself live.

“There are fans who support you all the time, who don’t stay alone with the holders and actually go and do their detective work, sifting through all the crap around me and other artists, to reach the truth”, he says. “It gives me a boost of energy and hope”.

Another thing that makes him feel good is Mexico, a country where he recorded one of his music videos and dedicated the song with verses in Spanish. slow fire or diosaWhose video I used to film this trip to the country.

He says, “I would love to live in Mexico, I think I would live between California, Florida and Mexico.” “It would be unbelievable to come here without a suitcase and everything was in my house.”

after your concerts Puebla and the capital, Bel he will continue his mexican tour Querétaro, Guadalajara, Mexicali and Monterrey,


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