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Why is Epic Games releasing so many crossovers with items from other franchises in Fortnite? Has the company run out of ideas? These are questions I read fairly regularly on social media, but I’ve always advocated that the company is a bottomless pit of creativity: every time the community feels like the game is stagnating, they launch a new element that changes everything. . And, precisely, soon something will enter the game that will mean a new revolution: separate and independent racing mode from the battle royale.

This Fortnite racing mode has been leaked more than once in the past, it will be codenamed Delmar internally and will soon be released in-game to further expand its limits and the content it has to offer. . Why dedicate an entire article to a simple racing mode? Well, precisely because it’s not a simple racing mode; it is a completely independent aspect. that it will have its own upgrades, progression and mechanics; nothing to do with the racing maps we can find in the game’s Creative.

Well then; considering all this and, above all, that we may face a new great revolution Fortnite, I wanted to create this article in which I will collect all the leaks that are revealed in this racing mode so that you can collect and summarize all the information in one place. Let’s go to trouble

When is Fortnite’s new racing mode coming out?

  • As recent leaks show, this mode will be released with the premiere of chapter 5 👈
  • Some time ago, information was leaked that the release date of thisit was November 30th
  • This racing mode will most likely arrive on the same day as the Chapter mode to make a bigger impact on the networks and make battle royale even more popular

What will this racing mode consist of?

As identified by the leaders, who have already been able to see some of the details of the regime, It will be as if Fortnite had their very own Mario Kart in the game.. This is such a big aspect that it will be a separate experience from the battle royale: it will have its own progression, content updates and unique items that will not be available in other game modes.


6 important details about the mode that have already been leaked

Liquor known as not JulesDev offered a list of key points that allow us to understand how this new Fortnite mode will work. I leave you with the same below:

  • Will casual mode with 12 different maps 1️⃣
  • will also be considered with a rating mode for 4 maps 2️⃣
  • The game mode will also be taken into account with own training and time trials 3️⃣
  • This racing mode will count with own battle pass
  • Main menu of the game This will be the garage where we can set up our car.
  • The mod will have different vehicles and we can unlock more while playing 🤔

What do you think of the idea of ​​a new offline racing mode coming to Fortnite? As a reminder, I will be updating this article with any new Delmar leaks in the coming weeks until Epic Games steps forward to officially reveal a new game that will completely change their battle royale.

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