Body features of celebrities who are most sought after in beauty clinics

The famous are related only to the time of choosing a hairstyle or outfit, even when it comes to some improvement in the body. Even with the advent of social media filters, many youths turn to surgeons for consultations with pleas that are impossible to fulfill because of the distorted images they have, celebrities continue to be a source of inspiration for many others. experts out there Martin del Yaero Amselm Clinic (MYA) analyzes the main pleas and how they can be achieved, but advises that “the features and characteristics we like in other people should never be extrapolated to other physiognomy by structure, balance, and harmony.” are.”

los brazos de la reina letizia

La Reina Letizia is talking about a time when a man forged more than 50 weapons.


If there is something that powerfully attracts the attention of the body dona letizia His arms are fibrous, and many women want to emphasize them as well. Behind them are many years of strict exercise routine and balanced diet. Also, to correct internal facial disfigurementThe Doctor is colloquially known as ‘Murcielago Wings’ or ‘Salero Arms’ moses amselmThe director of the aesthetic medicine team at Clínica Martin del Yaero Amselm has created a technique called Arms Up. infiltration of collagen stimulators In order to ensure that the organism itself produces neo-collagen and with it, skin regrowth is stimulated in the area, in the proper plane of the arm. At moderate-moderate levels of sag, very satisfactory results are obtained.

Paula Echevarría’s breast

Paula Echevarría’s cyst is one of the worst requests in medical consultations in search of naturalness.

Instagram @pau_eche

The One Body Area That Worries Women Of All Ages The Most Chest, therefore it is not surprising that the surgery to enhance or lift it is one of the most sought after in our country. And this is what it feels like to be inspired Paula Echevarria, who hasn’t hidden that she had breast augmentation a few years ago, is a celebrity favorite. doctor Susanna PurgeFrom the plastic surgery team at the above clinic, one of the specialists in achieving ‘firm’, proportional and natural breasts similar to Paula’s. There are two ways to achieve this: “If there is emptiness in the breast, mammoplasty With anatomical prostheses in harmony with the measurement of the chest. If it is a loose breast (age, breastfeeding…), then formula one is maxtopexy or elevationIn the second case with or without prostheses and even without the inverted T sign: many can be cured by the alveolar route».

jennifer lopez’s butt

Turns out that Jennifer Lopez had her ass insured. Lo sirto is that I did not get any benefit.


Nady denies that Jennifer Lopez has an attractive body at 54. But if there is any area around it that always highlights the singer and actress and her clan. Genetics is essential in this case, but medicine and aesthetic surgery can also help in achieving good results. Doctor Amselm recommends lifting it «la infiltration of collagen stimulators, with a 100% natural tightening effect that reaches its peak after 3 months, when neo-collagen is generated in the area. If it is about increasing volume, MYA does not perform nasal surgery with prostheses, but, as plastic surgeon Dr. Ignacio Sanzdi explains, “Lipotransfer with autologous grease provides very beautiful and natural results. 400 With CC per nalga, significant effects are obtained.

Nicole Kidman’s feet

Nicole Kidman has slender and muscular ballerina legs that many women want to emulate.


At 56, Nicole Kidman can still boast of slim and shapely legs. Logically, genetics go with it, and a good training routine as well. doctor conchita videlsFrom MYA’s Department of Advanced Nutrition, believes “a routine.” combined yoga with weights Continuity is the best formula for achieving toning and stretching the muscles in the form of ballerina legs, like the actress. It is also a basic diet that helps avoid the accumulation of fat in the muscles, especially after menopause: Intermittent therapy, well directed, is an option to consider. As an additional aid, Christina Ruiz, doctor of the Aesthetic Medicine Team, recommends the technique emsculpt “A tool at the forefront of body contouring.” The only one approved by the FDA to grow muscle and burn fat without surgery.

las rodillas de jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston boasts perfect curls without any grease or fluffiness.

Instagram @jenniferaniston

Rodillas, along with the ascot or hands, are those areas of the body that are not given any attention, but which betray age. in their case rollers As the years go by there are two common problems: greasiness and looseness. Sin Embargo, Las Rodillas de Jennifer AnistonWho is 54 years old, still perfect. According to Dr Amselm, “As in the arms, neither exercise alone affects castors, the continued flexion of the area accelerates the appearance of pleats. But there are also very effective medical-aesthetic treatments at the skin level (hyaluronic acid as a moisturiser, repairer and preventive against ageing) or a direct formula to stop hair loss promoting agent: loss of volume that can be restored polylactic acidWhich favors the formation of collagen.


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