BLACKPINK’s Lisa gets attacked by NewJeans fans and then BLINK reacts

Thai artist known as Lalisa Manoban lisa from blackpinkHas become one of the most recognizable K-pop stars worldwide thanks to hits like “Lalisa” or “Money”, which is why it has thousands of followers all over the planet.

However, it could not be saved from the tenor the hatersRecently placed a group of fans of the group new jeans It was launched in social networks in protest against it. Of course, he mentioned that Lucia “Horrible“In your photographs, what incited hatred BlinkYour fan name.

(Credits: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)

How did they attack Lisa from BLACKPINK?

luego de que elthis is blackpink I saw some pictures on the beach on his instagram account which is one of his biggest fan base new jeanswho is in thailand Dared to speak ill of her appearance. By the way, the author who saw himself”Horrible‘ What’s wrong with BP fanatics in green bikinis?

(Credits: Twitter/@NEWJEANSGLOBAL)

NewsjeansGlobal, As it is called on Twitter, it is one of the most followed accounts of the K-pop band, which started just a year ago, but it has earned many fans for making bad comments about all the artists in the industry. Got hate. However, the most recent attack was against Lisa,

(Credits: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)

ARMY criticizes fans of Newzines

some fans let me down new jeansfollowers of Lisa They set themselves against each other and demanded that they be Pidieran ApologiesPews opined that this is not the way they should act, as the singers of “OMG” have never made Huallado Mal de las Chicas de. black pink,

However, NewJeans Global followed them attack wrote derogatory comments against the “Lalisa” singer, going so far as to call her “the biggest artist in K-pop”. Earlier, media outlets in Thailand and South Korea also expressed their discontent. On its part, the Twitter platform deleted the account of the fanbase due to the condemnation blink,

(Credits: Instagram / @lalalalisa_m)

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