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What we love the most hurts us the most. Popular wisdom is hard to ignore when it can help us understand our personal passions, eating habits, and even emotional relationships. We live in times of excess where no one dares to say, perhaps due to lack of moral stature, what is best (worst) for them. Enough with the material basura!

In communication media, content triumphs and very few people stop to think about how much harm they do to us, not only to our intellect, but also to our soul. Why would we choose a television program that awakens the most basic and combative house of famous people or a movie that legitimizes conspiracy theories sound of freedom A social network that incites hate like X/Twitter? Slowly, what humanity has left of us is being destroyed.

We tend to think of our consumption habits literally in nutritional terms: culture as food for the intellect. Another popular saying is, “You are what you eat”, and such a saying should also govern what we eat culturally. We have developed an eating disorder, a kind of cultural “bulimia” that has turned us into compulsive consumers of junk food.

According to Televisa, the premiere of house of famous people I reached more than 12.7 million people, becoming the most watched program in Mexico, which they intend to overcome with the final on 13 August. Reviewing social networks during each broadcast, we found that fans said things like: “The best content is always at Wendy’s…others don’t generate good content”. It seems that everyone is an expert.

Enough Basura! Photo: house of famous peopleTelevisa/VIX

According to philosopher Federico Campagna, Western societies live in a “technological nihilism” where nothing can exist unless it is translated into the language of economic production and converted into work. We can say that famous, influencer and what kind of people participate in reality show It is convinced that its existence is merely a “job” and it is unlikely that society will believe that standing in front of a camera is “generating content”.

But recent studies in countries such as Norway and Italy have confirmed what we already knew that watching too much television affects the intellectual quotient (IC), especially in children. Over a period of 10 years, the CI can be reduced by 1.8 points, resulting in adults with low civic commitment becoming apathetic and not voting during elections (Television, Cognitive Ability, and High School Completion2017).

Enough with the material basura!

It is not the first time that, in the face of grave political and economic crises, world leaders and the media have bombarded us with news based on fear, paranoia and superstition, and with content that distracts us from important issues. It’s a proven formula, with countless examples throughout history, though it’s easy to dismiss them as conspiracy theories now.

It is not much of a coincidence that today’s platforms streaming Revive cases like El Chupacabras, La Matavijitas, Los Narcosatanicos or Asesinato de Paco Stanley? According to the Anglo-Saxons, the “engineering” of social panic (another form of moral panic) is a strategy used by elites to destabilize society. Making “wet curtains” was originally a tactic of warfare, but today it also refers to anything that serves to distract our attention.

Right now, when we should be focused on fighting social inequality, bemoaning how big corporations intend to end labor unions or how – now very real – artificial intelligence is affecting our workforce, we like to sit back and watch barbie And listen to Tumbado corridors.

netflix sled lady of silenceHBO launches a documentary about Matavijitas narcosatonicViX Hizo Lo Propio Con Show: Cronica de un asesinato (about Paco Stanley) and they are soy yo (about Gloria Trevi), while Disney Plus includes in its catalog last chupacabras y netflix made its own movie for kids titled Useless, Productions inspired by cases that directly affected Mexico and were taken advantage of by the media in times of crisis.

Isn’t it also rare that the conversation again revolves around the UFO phenomenon? The eternal debate that divides society and that frustrates us only because it always remains an unsolved mystery. Holman W. According to Jenkins Jr., who provides very important information in his column wall street journalUFOs are a favorite mood curtain of US intelligence agencies (such as the CIA and FBI), who promote false and biased information to incite hysteria among citizens and thereby cover up other operations.

Watching television affects IQ. Enough of content Basura! Photo: Envato Elements

when he first appeared in 1999 reality show Is known elder brotherif i say i was inspired by 1984, George Orwell’s dystopian novel about a society constantly monitored by the state. More important, and less well known, is its antecedent in real life, the Stanford Prison Experiment, a psychological study conducted in the United States in 1971 that aimed to replicate the living conditions of prisons and was suspended for inciting violence among its participants was done. ,

It is worth considering that its form elder brother You’ll still be so successful even if you change your name house of famous people, blurring any connection with Stanford University laboratories, United States Navy sponsorship, or any other clue that might lead the public to think of anything more than the superficial. In the time of social networks like TikTok, the applicants of this contest no longer feel supervised but enjoy making their lives public and voluntarily giving up their privacy. Exchange your freedom for fame, as the new title announces.

According to Neil Postman, professor and cultural critic, television turns serious subjects into simple entertainment and turns public life into a spectacle. in your book, Divertirse till Morir: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business (1985) wrote: “Orwell feared that the truth had been hidden from us. Huxley feared that truth was drowning in a sea of ​​irrelevance.


  • Talking about Telebasura, it will premiere on 11th August on VIX they are soy yoBioseries inspired by the life of Gloria Trevi, produced by Carla Estrada, and documentary about Johnny Depp’s decision on Netflix, depp we heard16 August.
  • XXII edition of International Horror Film Festival, Terrifying, will take place from August 15 to 27 at various locations in Mexico City. Check out the programming on your site.
  • This 15 August announced the opening of the new Cineteca Nacional de las Artes with a program of Mexican cinema, while the premieres of the traditional Cineteca routeMubi production by director Ira Sachs, and is featured there german film week 2023 with titles like cielo rojoby Christina Petzold.

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