Asher Angel is the actor that fans love to play Ash; de nino hero en shazam al companero inseparable de pikachu

Being an important character like Goku, Luffy or Naruto, Ash Ketchum is an icon among manga and anime fans, so this makes him the perfect actor for a fantasy live action In pokemon This is a serious issue for the community. Of all the candidates, the one who got the most votes in favor is Asher Angel, whom we remember for his recent role in both the movies. Shazam! Billy Batson as Hero Boy.

pokemon This will always be a delicate subject; we are dealing world’s most successful franchise, such as hablar de su hero en flesh y hueso en la pantalla grande sin no doubt genera opinion (Don’t say more). Asher Angel played among other actors I proposed to the community, such as Jack Dylan Grazer (who we also saw in this) Shazam!) and tom holland (Spider Man),

Pokemon: Fans Will Find Perfect Ash

Ash Ketchum Is Basically The Guy Who Never Gets Old, But We’ve Seen Him On Too Many Adventures We don’t think it’s 10 years old, This position makes it a bit confusing to put up with Casting Perfect for the personality, even if they are honest, the same applies to all of their partners. Asher Angel is the norm for now, but we don’t have young guys like the boys from Pueblo Paleta…

Ash never ages, which is what makes her casting somewhat confusing

At 20, Asher Angel’s artistic career is just getting started, both films of Shazam! There’s no doubt about his greatest achievement at the moment, but if he stays in the middle, we’ll surely see him in more and more successful Hollywood projects. For now, you can still see it in the DCEU, or in its other two films, Jolene or on point,

ash was the quintessential face pokemon for many decadesBut after becoming a Pokémon Master, his dream has finally come to an end and will become a much-deserved rest from the anime. pokemon horizon tells of a new hero who leads his adventures in the Paldia region, but surely Ash will return in the future, at least as a cameo.

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