Alex Remiro and mental health: ‘We have to take action’

Alex Remiro announces he is joining the Common Goal movement to fight mental health issues.l., which have multiplied since the pandemic in young, adults and the elderly. As such, Remiro is committed to this alliance to support projects and programs that benefit mental health in sports and promote an environment of well-being.

The gatekeeper said: “Every tenth Spaniard suffers from some kind of mental health problem, and at the same time, only one in four Spaniards sees a specialist.. I think it’s time to step up and come together to find solutions. In January, I started developing the Grassroots Emotional Well-Being Project, and although its effects are very beneficial for boys and girls, isolated action is not enough. Dealing with mental health issues is very difficult. I think there needs to be a collective approach here, which is why I’m joining the Common Goal.”

Since its founding six years ago, Common Goal has created platforms for collective action around the world. around the most important issues such as gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQ+ inclusion, climate action and mental health. Through this movement, both individual athletes and clubs, institutions and brands can take real action to address the most important social and environmental issues we face as a society.

Since January 2023, the Navarre goalkeeper has been funding an emotional well-being and mental health project in grassroots football from his salary. together with the public organization Fútbol Más, which belongs to a global community of more than 200 Common Goal non-governmental organizations. This project works with 50 clubs in Gipuzkoa, developing its program for 2,500 boys and girls and 1,250 families, creating a safe environment through three important aspects: sustainability processes, meaningful connections and cohesion through sports.

Iñigo Azcarate, head of Common Goal in Spain, stressed: “The leadership of football players is extremely important when it comes to unleashing the full potential of football for social change. Alex is a true leader who genuinely wants to use his own mental health expertise to help more people achieve better psychological and emotional wellbeing. What Alex and Football Mas are doing in Gipuzkoa can be extended to more areas in Spain and benefit more people if we work as a team.”

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Alex said: “Visiting a psychologist helped me a lot. and it has given me tools that allow me to manage my emotions. It is important that we de-stigmatize and make talking about mental health the norm. For the sake of our well-being and the well-being of future generations, football cannot ignore all this. We have a unique influence, and not using it is not an option. I encourage more players to join this movement so that together we can break taboos and, above all, take action through concrete initiatives.”

Alex Remiro’s partnership with Common Goal is expected to make a significant contribution to raising awareness and implementing programs that promote mental health in sport and ultimately inspire other athletes to join the cause. (for more details follow this link

What is the Common Purpose?

Common Goal is a social movement created to unite the football world in a common effort to solve the problems we face as a society. and planet. The movement aims to inspire and mobilize all football players to reach their full potential and impact on social change. To do this, Common Goal uses a 1% mechanism through which football players, coaches, clubs and companies invest a minimum of 1% of their income in initiatives who improve society through football.

Since its inception, more than 250 professional football players have joined the initiative, as well as 4 professional clubs and more than 100 companies; who partner with 200 non-governmental organizations in over 100 countries, collectively impacting the lives of 2 million children.

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