Actua DiCaprio and full success on Netflix: recommended movie to watch

in August Netflix Returned to confirm productions added to the impressive list of content and in keeping with this status, many of its subscribers are linked to the film it stars in Leonardo Dicaprio It’s all a success. Qual el movie.

Actua DiCaprio and full success on Netflix: recommended movie to watch

It’s about neither more nor less el renacido, a production directed by Mexican alejandro gonzalez inarritu and which premiered in 2015. Because of this production Leonardo Dicaprio Received oscar as Best Actor.

This view is of the depth of America Salvage during the year 1823, where, hue glasses, A prospector goes on some expeditions with his son with the idea of ​​collecting skins. With the steps of days, glass It is inherited from a Bone attack and has been abandoned by its group because of this incident.

Only his willpower became the only ally capable of facing the adversities in which he stood in the winter and in the midst of a war with the Native Americans intent on taking revenge on those who had abandoned him at such a critical moment. Had given .

What Is Netflix’s “El Renasido” About?

“The trapper Hugh Glass seeks revenge on his comrades who, after attacking Bone, abandoned him in the woods of Herrido, thinking he would die, a victim of injuries and the harshness of the surrounding environment and winter. . He feels stronger than any adversity, and Glass will not allow anything nor deprive Nadi to quench his hatred”. Catch the synopsis of this unforgettable movie that has become a trend.

Part of “El Renasido” by Netflix

  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Hugh Glass
  • John Fitzgerald as Tom Hardy
  • Jim Bridger as Will Poulter
  • Domhnall Gleeson as Andrew Henry
  • Lucas Haas as Jones
  • Paul Anderson as Anderson
  • Forrest Goodluck as Hawk Glass
  • Christopher Joyner as Murphy
  • Duane Howard as Elk Dog
  • Joshua Burge as Stubby Bill
  • Arthur Redcloud as Hiccup
  • Melaw Nakaheko as Powaka
  • Brendan Fletcher as Fryman
  • Christopher Rosamond as Boone
  • Scott Olynyk as Johnny Brother Trapper
  • Grace Dove as Hugh Glass’s wife

Leonardo DiCaprio stars on Netflix and wins: the film that is a sensation to watch

is the production of the moment django without chains, a very interesting film which tells the story of a slave who regains his freedom and who also finds his wife with the help of a reward. The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino, who was also familiar with all the details of the script. This was the last one for which Tarantino not only won an Oscar but also a Golden Globe and a BAFTA, Other than this christoph waltz if he took oscar Best Actor by Share,

The film premiered on January 31, 2013, and despite all the years that have passed, it still holds up, becoming one of the subscription streaming service’s worst viewings. Accompanied by a freed slave, a German bounty hunter, Django travels across the United States to free his wife from a sadistic plantation owner.”, commented Netflix’s summary.

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