A strict diet will have a positive effect on periodontal disease

Research results researchers Italians Mr. King’s College Londonin collaboration with the Universities of Liverpool, Los Angeles and Barcelona show that very strict diet can have positive effects, not only for weight loss, but also for inflammation of the gums. For this study, published in the journal Clinical Oral Investigations, 4980 articles were initially reviewed and 6 articles were eventually included, 4 from animal studies and 2 from human studies.

According to this study on the effect of calorie restriction on periodontal disease progression and response to treatment, they concluded that a strict diet may reduce local inflammation and system and slow the progression of periodontal disease compared to regular food.

calorie restriction ideally defined as the reduction in average daily caloric intake between 10% and 40%without causing malnutrition or affecting the intake of essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Several studies have pointed to the positive effects of reducing calorie intake, such as: decline belonging bleeding gums and decline inflammation And loss of teeth.

Dietary restrictions represent an additional treatment option for patients with periodontitis.

“This review shows that calorie restriction compared to a conventional diet is associated with a reduction in local and systemic inflammation associated with periodontitisand improved clinical performance. This is probably related to reduction of oxidative stress And blood sugar due to calorie restriction,” said Giuseppe Mainas, a graduate student at King’s College and first author of the study.

According to the researchers, the information obtained from the systematic review is important. Dietary restrictions are additional treatment option for patients with periodontitis. Evidence to date indicates that diet may play an important role in treatment of periodontitis.

calorie restriction It also seems to have a beneficial effect on DNA repair. Naturally, this alone is not enough, cure gumsbut it should be considered in combination with non-surgical periodontal therapy in combination with lifestyle improvement“, Minas said.

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