5 movies that discuss the importance of mental health

The reality is that everyone, regardless of age, is affected by mental health issues in some way, whether you suffer from the condition yourself or know someone who does – a friend, a family member – who face such challenges. In this sense, films that bring mental health as a central theme have the power to educate, raise awareness, and destigmatize mental illness, while inviting us to consider the diverse human experience.

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1. By Amazing Places

The film is a film adaptation of a book. Elle Fanning plays Theodore Finch, alongside Justice Smith, who struggles with an undiagnosed mental illness whose symptoms are similar to those of some people with bipolar disorder. Fanning’s character also displays signs of mental illness that are sometimes associated with trauma.

The production does a brilliant job of showing how isolated and challenging It can co-exist with any type of mental problem. The film explores the importance of talking openly about mental health.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. Black Swan

Nina leads us to drown in perfectionism

Nina leads us to drown in perfectionism

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The psychological drama portrays a warped and victimized mind. The character Nina Sayers (Natalie Portman) faces many challenges arising from the intense pressures of being a professional dancer. Despite trying to hide that she is “fine”, the pressure drives her to inflict physical harm on herself: she scratches her back in compulsion to look like a swan and starves herself of food to stay thin. deprives.

As we follow Nina’s downfall, we understand how deeply the unbridled pursuit of perfection can damage one’s life. someone’s mind

Where to watch: Star+, Disney+ and Apple TV+

3. Bright Side of Life

Psychological drama tackles postpartum depression

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This 2012 film is based on the book by Matthew Quick. It tells the story of a man named Pat (Bradley Cooper), who is series of actions, ends up in a psychiatric hospital. It was discovered on the spot that she has bipolar disorder and she is having a hard time accepting it. Thus, he goes back to live with his parents and plans to get his ex-girlfriend back; However, when he meets Tiffany (JENNIFER LAWRENCE) – who also has mood swings – and with the support of therapy, friends and family, he’s on track. good recovery.

Where to watch: Netflix and Prime Video.

4. Take a Deep Breath

The film takes place in a psychiatric clinic for women.

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The film is directed and written by Amy Kopelman, based on her own book. The story follows Julie (Amanda Seyfried), a colorful and wonderful children’s author who struggles with postpartum depression after becoming a first-time mother. Confronting her innermost conflicts and her roots in her past and her relationship with her father, she faces an intense emotional journey as she tries to appear strong so that others will not suffer more. people around you.

Where to watch: Prime Video and Apple TV+

5. Girl Interrupted

The film is an adaptation of Susanna Kessen’s book based on him. personal history, and stars Winona Ryder in the lead role. The plot unfolds in a psychiatric clinic for women and is narrated from the point of view of Susanna, who has been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.

As doctors investigate the motives behind her desperate move, she is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. During her stay at the institution, Susanna shares life with other young women who also face various conditions like antisocial personality, depression.

Where to watch: netflix and prime video

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