5 hottest celebrity dads in the world

Next Sunday (13) we celebrate father’s Day. To celebrate this date, we separate 5 hottest celebrity fathers in the world. that’s because They start gasping and get a storm of applause from the fans.

is an actor married to fernanda lima And the couple has three children. As a result of the relationship The twins João and Francisco, aged 15, and María Manoela, aged 3.

Rodrigo, Joao, Francisco and Maria Manoela – photo: reproduction/Instagram/@rodrigohilbert

global crow raymond is the father of sofia, 10 years old. This girl is the result of an old relationship between the actor and Thanks massfera.

Sophia, Caua and Grazie – photo: reproduction/Instagram/@cauaraymond

bruno gagliaso is married to Giovanna Ivebank And they have 3 children. the fruit of the relationship was born Xyan, 2 years old. In addition, both have parents Aunt9 years old and Blessings, Out of 8, through adoption.

Giovanna, Bruno, Titi, Blaise and Xyan – photo: reproduction/Instagram/@brunogagliaso

player Cristiano Ronaldo is the father of 5 children. the fruits of the relationship with your current partner, Georgina Rodriguezthey have: Alana Martina, 5 years, and bella esmeralda1. Also, Cristiano has a father cristiano ronaldo jr and twins Eva Maria and Mateo Ronaldo, The identity of Junior’s mother has not been revealed and the twins were born through surrogacy.

Georgina, Cristiano, Cristiano Jr., Eva, Matteo, Bella and Esmeralda

ex player david bechan Followers on social networks sigh. He is the father of four children. relationships with boys bear fruit Victoria Beckham, cross, 16 years old, Romeofrom 18, and BrooklynFrom 22 the girl is called harpist and is 9 years old.

Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn, Harper and David – Photo: Playback/Instagram/@davidbeckhan

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