5 Celebrities Who Participated On ‘Zack & Cody: Twins In Action’

“I know him!” This is usually the phrase that comes to mind when one of the most satisfying moments can be experienced while watching a movie or series: recognizing the actor who is best known for a specific job when he or she appears in a production. Appears in a role completely different from his and made him famous.

In fact it is quite distinctive. However, it can be seen with some frequency, even more so in the Disney Channel series “Zack & Cody: Twins in Action” launched in 2005, which portrays many of the famous studio stars in different ways than they are. brings who furthered their careers. Stop before or after participating in the plot.

With that in mind, RECREIO gathered 5 celebrities who appeared on “Zack & Cody: Twins in Action” and you need to remember. check out!

1. Vanessa Hudgens

Credits: Playback/Disney Channel

Gabriella Montez’ eternal interpreter from the High School Musical franchise, Vanessa Hudgens, had a recurring role on the series. She first appears in the sixth episode of the second season titled “Forever Plaid”, where she introduces Corey to Maddie’s friend and a big London fan.

2. Selena Gomez

Credits: Playback/Disney Channel

Selena Gomez His great character in “Wizards of Waverly Place” is Alex Russo, but that didn’t stop him from participating in a production starring the twins. Dylan it is cole sprouse Years before her role in the series, in which she was a minor witch.

The actress is featured as Gwen in “A Midsummer Nightmare” or “Nightmare of a Summer Night” in Portuguese. Being the 22nd episode of the second season, the episode features the twins trying out for a school play where they compete for a role in an adaptation of a Shakespeare classic. Things were going well until Cody’s girlfriend Gwen got the role of Hermia while Jack got the role of Hermia’s girlfriend Lysander, causing mixed feelings between the brothers.

Their first kiss was also recorded in the episode. Selena Gomezwho went with dylan sprouse Recording, as revealed by Monet magazine.

3. Zac Efron

Credits: Playback/Disney Channel

Appearing in episode 3 of the second season, “Odd Couples”, Zac Efron Life gives Trevor, a merit scholarship to the school that London falls in love with. In the plot, London seeks Maddie’s help to look smart and win over a guy, but things get complicated along the way.

4. Joy King

Credits: Playback/Disney Channel

The protagonist of the Netflix franchise “The Kissing Booth”, joey king Appears as a child in the episode “Daycare” from the second season of the series. She is Emily, a nursery baby hired by Maddie, who needs to earn extra money and looks into nannying young children. are in the hotel.

5. Emma Stone

Credits: Playback/Disney Channel

Actress best known for “La La Land” and for bringing life to Cruella in the live-action of the same namemma stones Also had a small role in “Zack & Cody: Twins in Action”. The actress does not appear physically, but her voice is present! That’s because she voiced London Tipton’s purebred Pomeranian, Ivana Tipton, in the only episode where the little dog speaks: “Crushed” from Season 1.

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