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got a chance to see film is one of the great pleasures with an unexpected end Cinema. So, you have a chance to set up a “breakthrough” with the clues the story gives you and question everything you’ve just seen.

lo sirto so it’s a hubbler day “plot twists” It is inevitable to mention great works like “The Sixth Sense” (1999) or “Planet of the Apes” (1968), However, in recent years, many filmmakers have also chosen the path of surprising findings To provide an unforgettable experience to its visitors.

On this note, we gather 10 of the best movies With script from Siglo XXI, Pay attention, because we tell you how you can watch them via streaming.

10 movies with unexpected finales

10. “Contratiempo” (2016)

We start the list with a Spanish film oriole paulo, This interesting thriller stars Mario Casas And, even though the mystery is a constant in the protagonist’s story, I bet very few people envisioned a poignant final revelation in itself.

What is it about? Virginia Goodman, an expert testimonial preparer, visits the home of Adrienne Doria, a young businessman accused of murdering his lover, photographer and visual artist Laura Vidal. Doria assures that she is innocent and claims to be the victim of a conspiracy.

Where to watch the production? in Spain, from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max and Movistar Plus; In the United States, Mexico and some Latin American countries, through iTunes and Amazon.

9. “The Mist” (2007)

“Fog” (also known as “divine”) is a belt Frank Darabont which adapts the novel of the same name Stephen King, We won’t go into spoilers, as this ending is still in the works.

What is it about? When a violent storm causes a mysterious fog and supernatural creatures to envelop the city, a group of local citizens must fend for themselves while trapped in the local supermarket.

Where to watch the production? in Mexico and Latin America, through Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max; In Spain and the United States, from iTunes and Amazon.

8. ‘Saw’ (2004)

“Fear Game” (also known as “Fierce Game”) is a classic horror film directed by james wan, In addition to its unexpected twist, it was the start of a well-known franchise of the genre.

What is it about? would you die to live This is what men should ask themselves when faced with a deadly situation. They are kidnapped by a serial killer, and they are trapped in a prison so cleverly constructed that they may not be able to escape until their captors decide that their bodies are no longer exposed The time has come to do what is their specialty.

Where to watch the production? It is available through Amazon Prime Video.

7. ‘Gone Girl’ (2014)

“lost” it’s a psychological thriller david fincher based on similar work by Gillian Flynn, is starring ben affleck or Rosamund PikeWho was nominated for an Oscar for this work.

What is it about? On his fifth birthday, Nick laments the disappearance of his wife, Amy. Amidst the media frenzy and pressure from the police, Nick’s picture of a happy union fades.

Where to watch the production? in Mexico, Latin America and Spain, from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video; In the United States, via HBO Max.

6. ‘Arrival’ (2016)

“La Legada” It is a science fiction drama directed by Denis Villeneuve and based on a story by Ted Chiang, star Amy Adams You are the leader of this stock.

What is it about? A linguist who discovers how to communicate with extraterrestrials who have arrived on Earth discovers a vital connection to humanity and its origins.

Where to watch the production? in Mexico and Latin America, from Netflix and Paramount Plus; in Spain, through HBO Max and Movistar Plus; and in the United States, from iTunes and Amazon.

5. ‘The Prestige’ (2006)

“big move” (also known as “El Truco Final” and “El Prestige”) is a function of Christopher Nolan, it is based on the novel by Christopher Priest Some big revelations of the history of cinema are hidden in it.

What is it about? Two rival illusions battle each other for fame in 19th-century London. Uno de Alos suffers from a ploy by his rival, doing the impossible by knowing the secret.

Where to watch the production? in Spain, Mexico and Latin America through HBO Max; In the United States, from iTunes and Amazon.

4. ‘Los Otros’ (2001)

“other people” This is a significant film when it comes to an impressive ending. directed and written by alejandro amenabartien a la gran Nicole Kidman as a hero.

What is it about? Grace, a devout Christian, protects her children from an exotic disease: she cannot receive direct daylight. For this reason, the isolated caisson where they live is always in the shade. The arrival of three new servants will upend your fragile world and strange occurrences will start happening in the house.

Where to watch the production? In Mexico and Spain, via Amazon Prime Video.

3. ‘Shutter Island’ (2010)

“La Sinister Island” it’s a leash Martin Scorsese based on the novel Denise Lehane, Leonardo Dicaprio or mark ruffalo Take the lead in a project that involves a revelation that will really make you question everything you’ve seen up to that moment.

What is it about? In the summer of 1954, Justice Agents Teddy Daniels and Chuck Auley are assigned to a remote island in Boston’s harbor to investigate the disappearance of an assassin inmate at Ashcliffe Psychiatric Hospital, a prison center for criminals run by Dr. John Cawley. Has gone. They will discover that the center holds many secrets and something more dangerous than the patients.

Where to watch the production? En México y Latinoamerica, from Netflix; in Spain, through Amazon Prime Video, Filmin and Movistar Plus; and in the United States, from iTunes and Amazon.

2. ‘The Departed’ (2006)

“Los Infiltrados” This is another essential title from the maestro’s filmography Scorsese, it’s a remake of “Infernal Affairs” In Andrew Lau and Alan Mak And, in addition to hiding some memorable secrets, it counts with great performances. Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Mark Wahlberg.

What is it about? The two men from the opposing gang are covered by the Massachusetts State Police and the Irish Mafia; But when this fact is known, violence and bloodshed ensue.

Where to watch the production? It is available through HBO Max.

1. ‘Oldboy’ (2003)

This list is headed “Oldeboy” In park chan-wooksecond part of “Vengenza Trilogy” From film maker. i was honored by Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival And its plot hides one of the most perplexing mysteries in cinema history.

What is it about? Dae-su, an irresponsible family priest addicted to alcohol, is kidnapped by a criminal group that runs a secret prison. Unaware of the reasons for that sentence, he will spend 15 years in prison and one day, he will be released. Lost and turned into human remains, without family, friends or work, from that moment on his objective will be to take revenge on the man who made his life a robot.

Where to watch the production? It is available in Spain through Amazon Prime Video, Movistar Plus and Filmin.

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