Yorgos Mavropsaridis. “In Greece, before they didn’t like Lanthimos’ films, now they copy them” – Observer

A few days ago, next to Espinho beach, it was easy to find someone who attended the Oscar ceremony in Hollywood. Not just as a guest, but as one of the year’s great nominees. Especially for the film “The Favorite” by Yorgos Lanthimos. Since no film is made alone, Lanthimos, a Greek director who became a phenomenon in Hollywood with a bizarre and humane work, sought out another Greek and another man of the same name: Yorgos Mavropsaridis, who would become his One of the loyal collaborators and favorite editors.

On the theme of this year’s edition of the fest – new directors, new cinema, Mavropsaridis went to Espinho to give a masterclass on editing, in which he revealed a little of his method, which he applied to films such as “A Lagosta”. , “A Favorita” or “Poor Things” (the latter being the new Lanthimos, whose premiere is scheduled for this year). In an interview with the Observer, she revealed little secrets and many other behind-the-scenes stories that added to her already long career in the film industry. Mavropsaridis is a master of this art, one of those who seek, through neuroscience, philosophy and psychology, an explanation of why we are able to perceive what is on the big screen. But he likes his private space equally and roaming around, roaming around.

At the age of 68, and living in Athens, even though he calls himself “old”, he has no desire to retire. Coming from a small country and being one of the best, he has five of the ten most successful comedies in the country to his credit. None of this changes the line of its process, whether the film cost 20 thousand euros, as in the first with Lanthimos (“Kineta”), 15 million (“A Favourita”) or 50 million (“Poor Things”). It happened in partnership. , Since there is no production system in Greece, anyone can do whatever they want. What’s the benefit and the problem: If there’s only room for experimentation, where’s the money-making industry? only if platform streaming if interested. “I don’t know if they are very interested. We are about ten million in the country and another ten million in the world. I guess it’s not bad. One good thing about Greece is that everyone can do what he wants. No production system. You can experiment, there is a lot of freedom for the creator. But then you have to have self-control in creation. We forget that cinema is money.

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