Yes Diary | Chonguism, false titles and collusion: the “Deshnudan” thread of corruption in the IMA and Fondac

Luz Maria Bobadilla, Mario Santander and Fife Rojas in the center, and Enrique Escobar, left.

The effect of fraud, collusion and falsification of documents has been denounced to the Fondac and the Municipal Institute of Art. The community of beautiful artists awaits concrete action from the authorities who are silent despite clear and forceful trials.

Since a few weeks ago, with the call of a public competition to lead the chairs of Actuation del Tercera y Cuarto Año in EMAD, a great controversy has erupted in the educational and theatrical sector – Escuela Municipal de Arte Dramatico Roque Centurion Miranda – Dale Urban Art Institute (IMA), for which six people were nominated.

The conflict arose because one of the candidates, Fidel Rojas, is emotionally attached to the actor, playwright and teacher, Mario SantanderDirector, EMAD, who was also a part of the evaluation panel.

Fidel Rojas and Mario Santander.

This resulted in a huge outcry from the theatrical community, which formally expressed its disapproval to them. Paraguayan Theater Center (SEPAT) And of course, through social networks.

before this, sepet I had a meeting with the guitarist, the director of IMA. luz maria bobadilla, in which they requested a new call without restrictions, with transparency in the process, according to union members, the matter was dropped in the request. Subsequently, Enrique Escobar, the current director of the contest, was named as the winner of the contest. Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y Las Artes (Fondec),

Luz Maria Bobadilla.

His designation gave rise to new speculations that led Sepet to inquire about his curriculum vitae and realize that he himself was lying to show a false university degree awarded by a faculty that does not exist.

Escobar graduated with a degree in Applied Anthropology, graduating from the Facultad de Ciencias de Humanidades de la. University of Buenos Aires – UBA – However, this was denied by Josefina Martínez, director of the Department of Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the aforementioned House of Studio, via email with Sepet.

Answer from the University of Buenos Aires.

This information was shared publicly by the union of workers and art workers through social networks, which led to its website fondek Biography of Enrique Escobar was immediately revised by removing incorrect data.

This has not gone unnoticed by the theatrical community, which has recently turned to the network to report a new case of corruption.

Declaration of Sepet.

Fondac announced a new investigation on the subject in question and Enrique Escobar resigned as EMAD president.

Both Sepet and the executive union in general are concerned about the lack of a concrete response from Fondac, which does not seem determined enough to blunt trials against Escobar, as well as the IMA’s indifference and lack of transparency in calls. For public tenders, to influence the results.

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