Two isapres suspend sale of health insurance plans after GES decision

According to the released statement, the purpose of suspending the sale of health insurance plans is to “prevent the possible financial consequences of this possible Supreme Court decision.”

Behind new defeat suffered by isapres in the Supreme Court, the impact of what will be “supremazo” on the prices of explicit medical guarantees (GES) already reflects its first effects. During this day isapres Banmedica and Vida Tres decide to suspend the sale of health insurance plans Until there is more clarity on this issue.

Both are owned by the same holding company Empresas Banmedica with 25 years of history in healthcare. Through an internal message signed by the group’s commercial director, Francisco Fernandezpointed out that “We have made the decision to suspend marketing of all of our health plans as of today.“.

As part of the arguments of the case, the decision was executed in connection with “leaked information to the press about a possible negative development of events in connection with the imminent sentencing related to the increase in the prima hydroelectric power station to the Supreme Court, which will provide for a significant reduction in the current premium charged by our isapres“.

Empresas Banmedica seeks to prevent possible financial consequences

Accordingly, the purpose of suspending the sale of health insurance plans is to “prevent possible financial consequences for this possible Supreme Court decision.”

“We are repricing our entire health plan offering so that if the scenario described above occurs, we can include a possible reduction in GES premium,” they said.

Despite the fact that the ruling has not been officially published, they assured that “We will keep you updated with any news or updates on this topic.“.

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