“Thelma and Louise”, the most famous fugitives of cinema

Thelma and Louise (1991) is a film directed by English filmmaker ridley scott It tells the story of two women who become fugitives in search of freedom and change the course of their lives forever.

Starring Geena Davis, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel, Michael Madsen, Christopher McDonald and Brad Pitt, Thelma and Louise won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay, among many other awards and nominations.

Written by American filmmaker Kelly Khouri, Thelma and Louise It is considered by critics to be a “decidedly feminist” film. road movie The best of the 90s in cinema.

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Thelma and LouiseThe issue of two women in a patriarchal society

Thelma and Louise Tells the story of two women who find themselves victims of tragedy in their quest for adventure and freedom.

Thelma Dickinson is a housewife who feels that her life has sunk into nothingness, and who is married to Darryl, a haughty man who treats her like an inferior creature; While Louise Sawyer works as a chambermaid in a cafe and sleeps with her boyfriend, Jimmy, someday he proposes marriage.

One weekend they decide to go on a trip together to get away from the routine of their lives and their frustrations. On the one hand, Thelma is fed up with her husband’s excessive behavior and superiority complex, and on the other, Louise feels that Jimmy’s love for music, devoted and in constant motion, has never been sincere and reliable. ,

So, Buen Día Lewis convinces Thelma to leave Arkansas for a weekend to spend quality time at a mountain house.

But the journey has only just begun when Thelma gets into trouble due to excessive drinking and a drunk tries to rape her when the party gets out of control at a road bar. However, in an unexpected twist of fate, Lewis comes to her rescue and in the midst of the struggle, takes the assailant’s life.

In an ideal world, what happened could be interpreted as an act to protect women, but they are suspicious of the authorities, may think they will not believe what happened and charge them with simple murder. That’s why he gave up the idea of ​​telling the police what had happened and instead, decided to go to Mexico.

Ready Hal Slocombe, a police detective sets out to track down the pair of women and they find their futures getting more and more bleak.

When Jimmy gives Louise some money to flee to Mexico, Thelma becomes embroiled with “JD”, a young and confident highwayman who takes advantage of her confidence in her intimacy and steals her money on the run.

As the life of the fugitive continues, Thelma and Louise They get involved in a maze of problems that attract more and more attention to them.

Throughout the duration of her adventure, there is a highlighted list of crimes involving men who, in their masculine roles, become victims of the heroines who, once aware of their independence, decide what to do with them. Let’s decide to do it.

so, Thelma and Louise There is no other way to intensify the desperation of what they rob banks for. When the rain turns unimaginable, he makes a dramatic decision that will show just how determined they are to regain their freedom.

Don’t Get Lost For Senal Colombia Thelma and Louisea story about adultery and malevolence in a film that became road movie Classic of the last siglo.

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