The tradition that Robert Pattinson’s Batman broke

One of Batman’s most distinguishing characteristics is his moral code: he never kills an enemy, no matter how cruel or dangerous they may be. However, this rule has not always been respected in film adaptations.

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The rule that Robert Pattinson’s Batman broke

Because wouldn’t you know it, in all the movies live action In batman it is common One or more of the villains die directly or indirectly because of you. But the film starring Pattinson is the first where that doesn’t happen.

The decision was taken by director Matt Reeves, who I wanted to get closer to the original vision of the personality that we see in the comics. unlike what we’ve seen The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller or the killing joke by Alan Moore Where Batman is a violent and deadly justice.

in cinema, The tradition of eliminating one’s enemies began with Adam West’s Batmanwhich disintegrates many of Pinguino’s minions in the 1966 film.

for your part, batman by michael keaton The trend of throwing Jack Nicholson’s Joker and Danny DeVito’s Pinguino into the void followed. While he val kilmer’s batman Leads to the downfall of Dos Carras, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

same happened with Batman by George Clooney and Batman by Christian Bale, he aunq no matan a nadi, si dejan morir to dos caras and Ra’s al Ghul, respectively. of l Ben Affleck, who we saw end up with many of his enemies.

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What makes Pattinson’s Batman so special?

robert pattinson’s batman is also good If he stayed true to his moral code and didn’t spare anyone’s life, we could see him becoming aggressive and impulsive. Unlike other versions of them who were not so young and always show themselves as more experienced heroes.

it’s the first time in many years that’s for sure In Pattinson’s Batman, we could see a more delicate hero and therefore more human.

A Batman has doubts about his role in the world, which he tries to rectify, and at the same time, when he realizes this, he comes with a greater sense of responsibility. You can’t save everyone, but you can inspire people to make a different worldWhere hope triumphs over vengeance.

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