“Stranger Things” actor Noah Schnapp reveals his role on the series helped him understand his sexuality

Noah Schnapp, the interpreter of the character Will in the series “Stranger Things”, commented on his sexuality in an interview

Oscar Nucci, under the supervision of Gustavo Assumpção Published on 08/08/2023 at 2:21 pm

This Tuesday, the 8th, noah schnapp Will commented in an interview about the connection between his sexuality and his character in the series “Stranger Things”. The actor told American magazine Variety that the Netflix series helped him understand and embrace his sexuality.

There has always been much debate as to whether or not the character of Will was gay. However, it was Noah who confirmed his character’s sexuality in a 2022 interview.he’s gay and he loves mike”, said the actor at the time.

On identifying himself as a gay man, Noah credits his character in the series: “After I fully accepted Will being gay, I moved quickly to accept myself.,

,If I didn’t have the will to help myself play, embrace and accept myself I would be in a completely different place. I think if I had never played this character I would probably still be in the closet.”, the star of the series further commented.

In January this year, Noah published a video on his TikTok announcing his sexuality. “After 18 years of being scared in closets when I finally told my friends and family I was gay and all they said was ‘we know'”, he joked in the video. Yet in the caption of the post, the actor also drew a resemblance to his character: “I guess I’m a lot more like Will than I thought.”

Before telling the entire internet, Noah revealed his sexuality to his family and close friends. Among them was her best friend and “Stranger Things” co-star. Millie Bobby Brown, The star said that he video-called her during a party to tell her. ,I said, ‘Millie, I’m gay.’ And he replied: ‘Oh champ, you finally told me’,

Also participating in the interview were brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, who is the producer of the series. ,It was hard not to immediately care for that kid in real life, and the same applies for the series.Matt commented about Noah’s performance.

The series’ creators also emphasized that the character Will’s sexuality was not influenced by Noah in real life. ,I didn’t know until it came out. I found out when everybody found out on the internetMatt Duffer commented.

The Duffer brothers also revealed that Will will have a significant role in the storyline of the fifth and final season of “Stranger Things”. ,Will steals the show again in season five. We have a feeling that that emotional arc for her will tie the entire season together. Will is young, introverted, used to being protected. So part of his journey, not just his sexuality, is Will accepting himself as a young adult.,


The cast of “Stranger Things” has been full of news about their personal lives. Later this year, actress Millie Bobby Brown, who plays the main character Eleven, announced on her social networks that she was engaged.

19 years old actress will marry! Jake Bongiovisinger’s son jon bon jovi, The announcement was accompanied by a black and white photo showing the couple embracing and Millie’s stunning engagement ring.


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