Sidney Sweeney defends Sam Levinson!

  • Sydney Sweeney expresses his support for the writer and director of Excitement, Sam Levinson,
  • In the recent finale, Sam Levinson has been in many controversies and rumors about his work Excitement or statue
  • Sydney Sweeney ensures production of Excitement it’s a safe place As for its actors, contrary to what was indicated in previous reports.

if for anything Sam Levinson’s name is highlighted Among the media in the recent finale, it is for various controversies that are attributed to the productions led by El Creativo. yes it is a problem Excitement, Sam Levinson made headlines after debut statue, controversial HBO production that’s been Marked for being “more morbid and aggressive”.

between reports of Problematic assumptions in both series sets, Sam Levinson made early Synonym of controversy for the industry why now Sydney Sweeney, who will gain fame for his role How Ann Excitementhas decided to pass judgment on the matter.

Cindy Sweeney
Image: HBO

Are all the rumors about Euphoria false?

Sydney Sweeney It is best known for its role Cassie Howard in drama Excitementsuccessful program of Sam Levinson for HBO In recent years if there’s a good topic of conversation on the nets.

However, The conversation is not limited to the contents of the series -which has also been flagged for presenting unnecessary sex scenes and objectifying female characters-, but rumors that assure Overall, behind the production, it’s Mayal today.

Such rumors were dispelled at the end of the second season of the series, when barbie ferreira, that gives life Kat announces her departure inside the show His presence was less in the previous delivery. rumors spread quickly about an alleged fight between Starr and Sam Levinson, reason why ferreira I would leave the series.

These so-called rumors were debunked, but it was later revealed that the set had excessive working hours for its actors, who Maude Apatow and Jacob Elordi were mentioned during several interviews.

“We shot one scene for so long, had a party all week, it was like being in hell. (…) It was a celebration you couldn’t wait to let go”, demanded Elordi.

During his most recent interview with Variety Sydney Sweeney has decided to clean upr that back Excitement things are always given respect and professionalism, it was what you wanted Actresses such as Zendaya Sigueron were included. in the project.

,You have I, you have Z, you have all these smart and independent women. Sweeney shared this adding “If we don’t feel comfortable with something or see something we don’t want to go through, we will all raise our voices”.

Cindy Sweeney
Image: HBO

Does Sidney Sweeney support Sam Levinson?

Excitement it is not the only production of Sam Levinson who has faced major controversy, Show at the beginning of the year statue heavily criticized using multiple sex scenes, nude nudity and gratuitous profanity, so that many media described the series as “A fantasy of sexual assault sickens Levinson”.

especially, statue criticized the manner of the character of The series featured Lily-Rose Depp, a sign “Excessive Objectification” and “Masochistic Vision” Sexually abusing the actress in front of the camera.

Furthermore, prior to its premiere, a report by Rolling Stone described the production as a chaotic and toxic setin which the crew members are described Abused by Sam Levinson and The Weeknd.

on that subject, Sydney Sweeney i say you are “It’s hard to see how they trash the reputation of someone like Sam”, while in fact “there is no testimony in the reports that he was actually on set”.

“We are on set, and if we continue to work and support these shows, it is for a reason.

“The point of series like Euphoria and The Idol is that people feel uncomfortable, which makes them think outside the box. ¿Quel es, bell, el punto del arte?

Sydney Sweeney.

in the special case of your character Excitementadded to feel “Extremely free and reliable” Thank you Cassie with me.

filming the next season of Excitement is completely paralyzed because of them screenwriter and the actors Why is this expected in Hollywood The next part of the show reaches 2025.

Cindy Sweeney
Image: HBO

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