Sertanejo Hit Is Maroon 5’s Success Plagiarism? Hear

Me USA, written by KV Johny and Mariana Fagundes, is similar to a payphone produced by Maroon 5 – Photos: Disclosure

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Published on 08/08/2023 at 07:35:00 PM,
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country singer Mariana Fagundes is getting the biggest success from the song Me USA recorded as a duet with KV Johny. The song’s music video, which released two months ago, has already garnered over 17 million views on YouTube, making it the second most streamed song by the artist.

And people are already noticing that the tune bears a striking resemblance to the vocals on the payphone hit by North American group Maroon 5.Recorded with rapper Wiz Khalifa and released in 2012. At the time, the song was the most successful worldwide, including Brazil.

The lyrics of the songs are very different, even though they talk about love relationships. In the chorus, the Brazilian sings: “So use me, tear my blouse / Kiss my neck, you can bite / Then use me, tear my blouse / Do what you know how to do / Give me pleasure, ê , ê, ê …”

On the other hand, the Adam Levine-led Gringos bet on a broken heart to make it a radio hit: “I’m trying to call home on a pay phone / I spent all my money on you / They Where did the moments go? Baby, it’s all wrong / Where are the plans we made for the two of us?

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Payphone is not mentioned in the credits for Me USA on the digital platform. Five names stand out among the musicians: Junior Khalifa, Leo Soares, Mathias Araujo, Bonique and Theo Rodrigues.

Mariana Fagundes has over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. His figure of 500 thousand followers on Instagram is close. Over the weekend, he appeared on the Silvio Santos program and sang his most recent release with partner KV Johnny.

hey NaTelinha Contacted Singer’s team. We asked if Maroon 5’s payphone was the inspiration for the song and whether the artist would like to comment on the comparison. There was no response till the end of this case.

Compare the country song Me USA with the pop hit Payphone:


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