Riot Games is preparing a huge party for the Valorant World Cup Finals and announces an event in Barcelona open to the entire community – Valorant

Valorant Champions will end on August 26, and Riot Games invites players to enjoy the game in the company.

World Championship valiant will mark the end of the first competitive season of the tactical shooter from riot game after the creation of the major leagues. A complete stop for a video game that survived a year of survival in terms of its tournament system. “Esports” is not at its best, but Those responsible for the video game managed to cope with the relative solvency. It’s time to celebrate and the Spanish branch of the company didn’t want to miss out on the party. So they announced big event in Barcelona to be held on August 26 next year on the occasion of the finals of the aforementioned Valorant Champions.

The Valorant World Cup final is also taking place in Barcelona.

Riot Games Spain has announced that on August 26 next year will be held “Viewing” for 600 people at the Big C in Barcelona (Carrer de Llull, 121). Party to enjoy the Grand Finals of the Valorant World Cup and also have a themed day with a tactical shooter as the protagonist. Merchandising giveaways, content creator meetups and active play areas to enjoy LAN gaming either alone or with friends. The celebration will continue after the game, which can be seen on a huge screen, accompanied by a live music performance by a DJ.

Capacity is limited to 600 people and tickets for the event, including a drink and a tapa, cost five euros.. In this sense, the prices are more than suitable for the general public, who will be able to enjoy the most important game of the year live and take part in a big community party.

Giants Gaming, a club from Malaga founded in 2008, is an excellent Spanish representative of Valorant Champions 2023.

Valorant Champions is already underway and games can be seen through The official Valorant channel in Spain on Twitch. The tournament is currently in its first phase, with matches taking place almost every day starting at 21:00. Everything will get worse when playoff round, which will begin on August 17 next year with only eight of the best teams in the world. From now on, there will be over a week of duels in style, until there are two finalists left to watch live from the Preview in Barcelona.

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