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Listening to the tunes of music revives the soul, relaxes and brings many benefits aimed at human welfare. With the development of technology, artificial intelligence (IA) is getting hold of the language model which is capable of virtually resolving doubts, and is also capable of producing known lists of topics which often match our taste, perspective and imagination. Such is the case with the information provided by ChatGPT, and what do we tell you, according to the application developed by OpenAI, which are 10 Song More joyful and festive in history, and between which years they are located.

ChatGPT: Los 10 Temas Musical Mas Alegres De La Historia Seguen La Ia De Openai

There oh constitute the power of a combination of algorithms designed with the creative purpose of representing the same capabilities that humans demonstrate in daily life, such as, for example, proposing ideas for playing with the family, giving some advice, and To set up your playlist with it. Songs that excite and satisfy you.

Through this digital tool that usefully collaborates with people of flesh and blood, you can get detailed information about the content and subjects of your interest related to art that will take you back in time, years ago. Can make you remember and smile again. Through the sound of a musical stanza.

thanks to the request made by a Spanish magazine called very interesting al chatgpt In OpenAIReview what follows is a list of songs that are considered the most enjoyable in history, from most ancient to most contemporary or modern:

1- positive vibes / the beach Boys


Two- dancing Queen /ABBA


3- Mister. Blue Sky / Electric Light Orchestra / 4- three little Birds / Bob Marley


5- september / Earth, Wind and Fire


6- do not stop Me now / Queen


7- walking on Sunshine / Katrina and the Waves


8- I wanna Dance With Somebody / Whitney Houston


9- Happy / Pharrell Williams


10- can’t stop the feeling / Justin Timberlake


In regards to this playlist, it is important to highlight that most of the songs highlighted by chatgpt dating from the 60s and 70s, and sung entirely under the musical genre of English and international pop rock.

Video and concept of the 10 most alegres songs from Historia Seguen el chatgpt de opnai

There is a long musical history composed of iconic themes of bands unified by iconic singer and pianist, Freddie Mercury, others such as Queen, the legendary Justin Timberlake, who is currently 42, and worldwide reggae icon, Bob Marley. people are now beginning to identify with the characters chatgpt In the development of its works, and in the middle of the 21st century it is managing to transport them to a time when, for example, peace and harmony reigned in a world favored by digital globalization.

enjoy each of them The 10 Happiest Songs In History according to the chatbot of OpenAIAnd briefly recall when they were created, and other relevant details:

, can’t stop the feeling

Theme created and produced by DreamWorks Animation for the soundtrack to the animated film “Trolls”

, Happy

Another song that forms part of the film, and on this occasion, is “Mera Favorite Villain 2”.

, walking on Sunshine

Katrina & The Waves’ first Billboard Top 40 song written by Kimberly Reeve

, do not stop Me now

Sensillo and song number 12 of the jazz album

, september

The song has also joined the list of themes that have appeared in films such as “Shaolin Soccer”, “The Nice Guys” and 2016’s “Trolls”.

, I wanna Dance With Somebody

Theme published in May 87 and presented a year after the Grammy Awards

, three little Birds

One of Bob Marley’s most popular songs, the Exodus album is set to spread a message of hope and positivity.

, Mister. Blue Sky

The song was written and produced by British band leader and member Jeff Lynne, and also used in film productions such as “The Game Plan” from 2017 and Super Mario Bros. premieres in 2023

, dancing Queen

ABBA’s Swedish pop/disco is reflected in the work created to compose this musical theme included on their fourth studio album, “Arrival”.

, positive vibes

Written, composed and produced by Brian Wilson, and performed by his brother Carl as part of the instrumental “Let’s Go Away for While”.

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