LoL: From the best character in the game to one of the worst; this champion is living a real nightmare

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Even before his release, Milio was considered a groundbreaking character in League of Legends. It must be said that the “furbo-boy” had serious disputes between a basic spell that allowed him to increase the range of an allied champion’s auto attacks a very important stat in champion design and overall balance (imagine Darius with Caitlyn’s reach and that’s probably not the worst example) that until now couldn’t be reliably increased by spells or items (no, Rapid Fire Cannon doesn’t count because that its liability is not available upon request), and the last one, which allows you to remove the CC in the area. It did not disappoint, and Milio quickly became the best patch champion after its release . Given that Riot Games nerfed it, it’s possible that the publisher went too far…

Started at the top, now we’re here

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From for the week of its release (patch 13.6), Milio began to occupy the top positions in the ranking one of the best champions in soloQ. So Riot Games decided react quickly, weakening all of his main spells– Q had its AD rating lowered, W had their heals reduced, and E’s shield was made less powerful, while scaling less in AP and increasing cooldown.

Despite these nerfs, Milio remained strong. That’s why Riot Games nerfed it again in 13.12, once again nerfed his Q AD ratio, but especially his base armor and armor gain per level, making Milio more vulnerable in lane. Finallydestruction completed 13.14, with reduced Q damage, a fix for W that was allowing the totem domain to trigger at a greater distance than intended (although it’s a fix), and finally the extra movement speed. on E also decreased.

except that this second wave of nerfsthough less important than the first, was rather unexpectedly for most players. Milio’s overall win rate was 50.5%., which might seem pretty decent. only if we look to a very high Elo, at the Master ranks and above, Milio became more problematic, with a win rate of 54%. Despite this, the champion was not very popular in the pro scene and his appearances are quite rare (the pros still don’t play at 13.14). The nerf can be explained, but overall it’s still pretty amazing.

The consequences of this second nerf for Milio were dramatic., who has become one of the worst supports in the game at any range. His chance to win fluctuates between 47 and 46%while at Master+ it is still at 54% but has become much less popular at those ranks, from 48 thousand games played on 13.13 to 4600 games played on 13.14.. It is very likely that Riot Games will adjust it again in the coming weeks so that the champion does not disappear into oblivion.

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