“Log of wood! Log of wood! Log of wood!” Versus “Pearl Harbor”: Battle of Attitudes on Key Event of World War II

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy killed over 2,400 people and triggered a conflict that culminated in the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (Star+)

George Orwell said, “Winners tell history”, but beneath the winning narrative are nuances and angles that slowly, if not forever, fade away. An example of this dichotomy appears in the cinematographic recreation of the Japanese attack that thrust the United States into World War II. ,log! log! log! (1970) and pearl harbor (2001) are films based on real facts, presenting contrasting viewpoints, and providing different perspectives on the moment that changed the course of world history.

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For a portion of the American public, “¡Tora! ¡Tora! ¡Tora!” Leave the preparation of your military fleet to the wretched place. (Star+)

This film is a unique and valuable collaboration between Hollywood and the capital of Japan. director kenji fukasakuToshio Masuda Y Richard FleischerShow the events of 7 December 1941 in an unbiased perspective, clearly presenting the Japanese perspective of the attack, without omitting the American experience.

For the part, it was decided to cast actors from both countries who were not very famous until its closure, as the intention was to prioritize the narrative over the stars. Without superficial dramatization, the long film follows the history of decisions and errors that ended up as the start of the 1939–1945 war.

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Originally, Paramount had offered famed filmmaker Akira Kurosawa to direct, but this was not possible due to production disputes. (Star+)

With a $25 million budget, the final reception was mixed, with some critics saying it was boring in its desire to educate, and others praising its impeccable and realistic execution.

“‘Log of wood! Log of wood! Log of wood!’ This is the Japanese signal for the invasion. The film meticulously recreates the attack on Pearl Harbor”, reads the official description.

Replica planes that can be used for “¡Tora! ¡Tora! ¡Tora!” Also served in “Pearl Harbor”. (Star+)

comes with counterpoint pearl harborDirected by Michael Bay in 2001. Instead of seeking neutrality, the film chooses to wallow in emotion and dramatize reality. Thief ben affleckStarring Josh Hartnett and Kate Beckinsale, the film brings a passionate romance to the heart of historical upheaval.

From a technical point of view, the filmography was praised and managed to win an Oscar for Best Sound Editing, in addition to being nominated for Best Original Song and Best Visual Effects.

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But the best comments were left there. Criticism pointed to changes in historical facts (an attack on a hospital that never happened), stereotyping of the Japanese population, and endulzamiento of military conflict, the resources used to highlight the supposed courage of American heroes. For these reasons, it was nominated for Worst Film at the Golden Raspberry Awards and on Rotten Tomatoes it maintains a single score of 24% on the Tomato Gauge.

“Pearl Harbor” managed to win over the public by raising over $500 million in tequila. (Star+)

Ultimately, these two films demonstrate that history can be molded and that these films are two poles of the same phenomenon, each with its own narrative agenda. In this paradox, we are reminded that historical truth is actually a complex mix of perspectives, desires and experiences that defy any temptation to simplistic narratives.

Both productions log! log! log! or Pearl Harbor, Can be viewed through streaming platforms Star+.

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