Lady Gaga’s father is angered by the presence of immigrants in the neighborhood he lives in and takes action. Callum Gabriel Sorrentino

Joe Germanotta, the father of international star Lady Gaga, is the leader of a group of people who are uncomfortable with the presence of immigrants – wealthy people – in Lincoln Square, the neighborhood where they live. According to him, they are undisciplined people living close to his home and his enterprise. ,If it had been like this when my daughters were growing up, I wouldn’t be living in New York.”, said Joe Germanotta. The businessman lives in a luxurious building pythian, 35 years ago in the city of the Statue of Liberty. It was here that he raised his two daughters including the singer born This Way, This information was published by the newspaper new york post,

According to Joe, about six weeks ago at a hotel American Academy of Music and DramaticHis house, on the block from his home, has been turned into a shelter for hundreds of migrants. For this reason, they formed an association with their neighbors in the neighborhood to get City Hall to ‘resolve’ the situation for the new residents of the neighborhood. According to Lady Gaga’s father, since the arrival of immigrants, “The quality of life in the area has been affected as they suddenly have parties that go on till the early hours of the morning, prostitution and scooter drivers wreaking havoc on the one-way streets.,

Father Gaga’s Resentment

,There are now 500 expatriates living in that hostel. This is where all the confusion started.”, Germanotta said. Now, Along with His Neighbors, Lady Gaga’s Father Is “Pressing for” New York City HallMore policing and better monitoring of migrants, So the developer’s claim that the chaos has undermined local property values ​​and that it has destroyed the fabric of the neighborhood has taken people by surprise. ,prostitutes coming and going, DAnd in the morning, you see prostitutes coming out of the building”, said he, who soon fired back: “the worst part is the night, the noise wIt starts around ten o’clock and goes on till four in the morning. playing music and riding a bike on the streets,

By the way, according to the tycoon, now some people do not even walk their dogs in areas where there are immigrants. ,I have no objection to his being there. They will stay there for three years. I understand, that was the contract. But at least manage. Have adequate security, police presence and code of conduct”, said the father of the pop star. Then he complained:They’re guests in our neighborhood and they’ve basically taken over, In fact, Sidewalks that used to be clean are now littered with garbage,

Criticism of City Hall

still in an interview new york postLady Gaga’s father explodes at New York City Hall. ,The city is spending huge amounts of money that could be spent on building affordable housing.”, said Germanotta, who continued:“What’s really sad is the number of homeless people we still have in our neighborhoods. But we are not taking care of ourselves, it isThey do not get food every day. This is a very sad thing. i feel for themhe fumed.

According to Joe Germanotta, “There about 500 expatriates are staying in 400 rooms big enough for a bed and a fridge, they share common bathrooms, Later, he added: “however i think most of them are 500 nice people and they are locked in very small rooms and when they come out at night they party,

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