John Cena is going to save Overwatch 2, or so it seems. Blizzard is playing a bug and there is reason to believe that the actor appears as a villain – Overwatch 2

The former WWE wrestler and actor may appear in the game as an Enigma character, and there are clues to trust him.

All those who followed the path of a fighter and an actor John Cena They know that he is a real player. Not only that, but in his rudeness, he is as much of a nerd as many others. He’s proven this countless times, and his dedication in roles like Peacemaker makes it abundantly clear. Now the American actor is aiming to “save” Overwatch 2, or at least appear in a shooter from Blizzard.

There’s a lot here, so let’s take a look. John Cena’s presence in Overwatch doesn’t take us back to when the former fighter was part of a team of heroes like Terry Crews who lusted after playing Doomfist. However, Sina was flirting with his appearance in the game via Instagram, and surprisingly, Blizzard is catching up with their next event.

Last week, the game was plagued by “broadcast errors” that interrupted some streams, foreshadowing the arrival of a mysterious figure called Enigma. This is far from an homage to Batman. HTML code from this error font-family is added “Felix Anthony“, the wrestler’s two middle names and a color code”#042377“, to which many point out that this is nothing but Date of Birth Dinner: April 23, 1977.

Also addressing speculation, some have found that the image URL includes the characters “JC”. Although there are many details taken with tweezers and answering the most obvious fabrications, many players, of course, excited see how the actor becomes part of the game.

As of July 31st, we don’t know if this means a collaboration, a trailer with voice acting from an actor, or a character inspired and played by him. The latter faces head-on future support what will come into play and what seems to be Peruvian. However, this isn’t the first time the Overwatch team has teased the appearance of a hero or villain in one of their trailers to launch months or years later. For example, Ramattra was featured in the final cinematic of the Storm Rising event in 2019 and did not appear in the game until 2022.

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