Jenna Ortega and Tommy Lee Jones in a dramatic police thriller “The Finestkind”

The worlds of crime and fishing intertwine in “The Finestkind,” a story that explores the limits of family loyalty. (paramount+)

best kindBrian Helgeland’s new film (Leyenda: profession of violence or horseman’s heartwill bring back Jenna Ortegapopular hero of marlinaWho will be sharing the screen with one of the greats of Hollywood. tommy lee jones and other bad actors. Directed and written by Helgeland, this is a police thriller that will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this August and later at Paramount+, but from now on it promises to be a dramatic tale of desperation, crime, and lazy relatives.

New Bedford, Massachusetts, the largest commercial fishing port in the United States, is the backdrop for the story which revolves around brothers from different social backgrounds. Reunited as adults during a tumultuous summer, they find themselves in a complicated situation that leads them to close a dangerous deal with the dreaded Boston crime syndicate. As the story becomes more complicated, a young woman, played by Ortega, finds herself drawn into his dangerous business. The story delves deep into the sacrifices and strains of relationships, especially family ties and the bond between a priest and his son.

In “Finestkind,” the brothers discover just how far they can go in the face of adversity. (paramount+)

Tommy Lee Jones (Oscar Winner) and Jenna Ortega (Netflix Star), will star alongside Ben Foster and Toby Wallace. Jones, known for his classic roles fugitive or no place for the weak, plays the fundamental role of the priest. Foster (previously seen in the acclaimed western nothing to lose in sin)and Wallace (who won the Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor at the Venice Festival in 2019) portraying the two brothers.

Interestingly, the film initially went into preproduction in 2018 to feature Jake Gyllenhaal, Ansel Elgort, and Zendaya as the protagonists. In this way, the distribution changed, giving rise to the set we see today.

“The Finestkind” delves into the dark world of crime in Massachusetts. (paramount+)

Despite the change in distribution, the film was eventually produced successfully. The race began in Massachusetts in April 2022 and ended in May of the same year. Now, best kind According to TIFF’s official website, it will premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

in the same way, paramount+ The film has re-broadcast rights, which guarantees that audiences around the world will have access to this cinematographic gem. It will be available on streaming platforms in Australia, Canada, Latin America, and parts of Europe and Asia, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Jenna Ortega is on her way to cinema after her success in “Merlina” and the saga “Scream”. (paramount+)

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