Imagine them changing to your favorite character and explain why with 53 emojis. This just happened to DOTA 2 fans – DOTA 2

The “Emojis in the Dark” patch notes sparked everything from hate to laughter.

Changes in online games are commonplace. It is a series of modifications in the form of patches to maintain the internal logic of damage, actions and health statistics of the characters. DOTA 2, Valve’s enduring modern classic, is no exception to these changes. “Trouble” or comedy occurs when new updatewhich changed everything, can only be read with emoji.

The notes posted yesterday titled “Emoji in the Dark” clarified the intentions of the latest patch. As they say so funnysomeone has hacked into Valve’s servers and the only way to share patch notes is with emoji.

List of changes since total 53 emoticons scattered throughout the document, it is extremely long and leaves no doubt that, in addition to the players’ anger, it was done with a derisive tone. Some users have patiently managed to figure out a few patch notes, especially since there will be so many changing values ​​and patterns in the near future. They shared something like a dictionary of at least 87 pages. meaning explanation every change.

However, given that these are emojis trying to explain the changes in statistics over 100 characters information about the game is not entirely accurate. This increased the anger of the players. Reddit user IgorChakalArt notes that “People upset by this Twitter post should go on Reddit and see how funny this is.”

“I have no idea who writes these funny blog posts at Valve, but they are amazing,” added podteod. “I really hope you are reading this. humorous approachAnd whoever writes this is amazing.”

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